Meeting with Distributed Education

When solving a problem, forget about the technology and list your objectives. Then research what technology best meets those objectives. Don't hunt for an excuse to use cool new tech. Guilty.


  • Supports multiple audio but there's latency.
  • Recorded sessions can only be used as recorded. You can't edit, insert, remove or repurpose.
  • Did you know you can do polls on UMConnect? Great for getting a sense of where your audience is at.
  • You can use the directed chat window but it's not super secure. What if the person you chat is sharing their screen to the group?
  • You can share presenter role.
  • You don't need fancy equipment - though an inexpensive headset is recommended to keep feedback at a minimum.
  • The presenter drives how the screen appears to the audience.

If bandwidth is an issue...

  • Preload presentations to reduce file size and speed up downloads.
  • Skip the video and substitute a still picture.

Skype is limited to a small number of connections - good for small collaborations but not webinars.

Consider building up to your live presentation with asynchronous reading and discussion on Moodle.

Remember, nothing is free. It's "centrally subsidized."

Link to video services UMConnect web conferencing support.