LCTL: Outstanding Issues

  • CAPTCHA. This topic was discussed on a University listserv where several people endorsed an alternative to CAPTCHA. The main complaint being it's not friendly to users who depend on adaptive technologies. I'm going to implement the strategy, "Detect content within a hidden form element" described on this accessibility site as recommended in this post on the CSS-DEV list.
  • I'm almost done updating my pages to match the form Marlene revised. Next, separate name into first and last and add a title field.
  • The database must undergo the same revision. That shouldn't take too long. I've already developed a method of evaluating changes then accepting or rejecting them. Finally, the database needs fine tuning.
  • Nest our new php pages within the CARLA site and test how it looks and performs. Connect the javascript that invokes the language list
  • Update my simple search page to display advanced search fields.
  • Decide how much validation we want to do. Louis has identified required fields. Should we also check for valid URLs?
  • We need to figure out the extent of data clean-up necessary and my role in that effort. It would be silly to have Louis do manually what I can do with a script.
  • Training. We've budgeted one hour but we may need more than that.