Un-Progress Report

A week or more has passed since my last activity on External Funding and Incident Abroad Web. This update is to let you know that even though I haven't worked on your projects, we're still on schedule to meet our deadlines. Other projects are on the cusp of completion so I should be able to turn my attention to yours very soon. Let me know if you have any concerns.


NO concerns as I am buried in paperwork myself.

It's a week later and still no progress on External Funding or Incident Abroad. Still no threat to the deadline. Let me know if you're concerned.

Still no opportunity to start in on Incident Abroad Web or External Funding. Their day will come. Will it be next week? Let's hope. Deadlines still intact.

Hey Thuy, Meaka and Stacey - We're close to starting your projects. Three projects complete this week clearing the way for External Funding and Incident Abroad Web. I'll be out of town Friday and Monday, March 12 and 15.