Orientation Reg: Progress Report

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Thanks for the list of rooms and their capacities. I'll update the database.

Tomorrow afternoon Christopher and I get a primer on how to query the data warehouse. Based on what I learn in this meeting, I'll be able to build the queries we need. Note to self: Check with Christopher about:

  • ODBC drivers, have we ordered two?
  • have we submitted ARFs for Rebecca and Arianna? They need data warehouse access.

We need to change the left nav links and masthead on the site. Should I set up a meeting for us? BTW, I'm out Friday and Monday, March 12 and 15.

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Christopher is following up on ARFs which were submitted to Data Security.

The ODBC plugins have been purchased. Christopher will send me the serial numbers so I can install them on Rebecca and Arianna's computers. The installation may take a while because it's several steps and I need to document them as I go, screenshots and everything.