MinneWebCon: Kristina Halvorson

  • Amid the junk we find something precious and our immediate impulse is to share it
  • How can we better manage the relevance, timeliness and accuracy of our content
  • Read Edward Tufte, Jesse James Garrett
  • "Content is not a feature."
  • Content Strategy = plan for the creation, publication and governance of useful, usable content.
  • A strategy is a plan to attain a specific goal or result; it is not a list of tactics.
  • Problem: no one is empowered to say No.


  1. Audit - Do a content inventory
  2. Ask - Why, what, by whom, how often, what next
  3. Analyze - Take stock of people too; they usually have to do content on top of everything else they do.
  4. Align - Cultivate the plan; it's not a linear process, rather a cyclical one
  5. Assume Responsibility