Orientation Reg: Close-Out

What Worked

We met all six of our goals for this project, from providing better service to students to gaining efficiencies in the office. Along the way we learned how to query the Data Warehouse.

I improved communication frequency (a goal of mine in 2010) by providing updates even when there was nothing to report, or worse, when there was bad news. Our timeline was compromised by more pressing project and I did a respectable job communicating that to Rebecca. Hmm, Rebecca was also the person I worked with on the urgent project so maybe this wasn't a fair test. I'll take the win and keep working toward improvement.

Regarding the method of communication, using this blog and iChat worked well. Rebecca's a short walk away and many times, unable to compose a blog or chat, I wandered up for a face-to-face.

The Take-Aways

This project succeeded because of an e-mail Rebecca sent to Jodi in March 2009. What's so great about it?

  1. Followed the process. Instead of going directly to IT, Rebecca submitted her request to Jodi, at that time LAC's IT liaison. Jodi ranked this project in terms of priority and place in an overall strategy before turning it over to us. This is a very effective way to work with IT.
  2. Articulated the project. In several concise paragraphs, Rebecca outlined the problem: we don't know who's coming to orientations, then suggested a solution: we need an online form to gather RSVPs. We expanded the e-mail into a Statement of Work where the implications of not knowing who's coming to an orientation made a compelling case for tackling the project and the benefits of the solution translated into clear, measurable goals.


I recorded 45 hours between November 24, 2009 and May 25, 2010.