Aggregating DW Connect Requests


CISI Report

Due by June 15.

Third Party Billing Supplemental Report

Similar to the Institutional Relations report but showing the breakdown of charges to students' account. Meeting set for June 15

Institutional Relations Report

The Ins Rel team would like to request that TRACK be added to the Ins Rel report that is pulled from PeopleSoft (now added to the PeopleSoft Applications Filemaker database). PROGRAM alone is not descriptive enough anymore for reporting to our affiliates.

Improved Letters

With the "Venezuela with Proof" letter in the FileMaker solution for PeopleSoft, would there be any way to add the UM header/footer and Holly's signature? I'll be emailing letters to student individually. As it stands, I'll enter track start/end dates for each student, print the letters on letterhead, stamp Holly's signature on each, then scan/email each individually to myself, finally email each student their letter. Any idea to make this less cumbersome?

Improved Error Trapping

Error messages aren't descriptive enough so the user doesn't understand why query failed and how to correct it.

Build More Queries

Return to the original list provided by ES and make sure I am able to query all those values — from emergency contact information to passport number.
Stakeholder=ES Team

Improve Queries

Work with OIT to improve the efficiency of the queries. Currently we're running the same query multiple (30+) times which is not sustainable. How can I rewrite them to get the same info in a single pass? Does OIT need to create additional tables?
Stakeholder=ES Team

Controlling the Data Set

How are we going to maintain an up-to-date set of records that covers everyone's needs?
Stakeholder=All LAC


Meeting set for June 10 to strategize and prioritize. Christopher, Sarah, Rebecca in attendance.

We will be implementing access to the EA Data Warehouse tables for a departmental account owned by OIP. This will allow for ease of querying. It will be used on a limited basis, currently by LAC Enrollment Services Staff, to access data through the UMEA FileMaker solution.
I have begun the request process and am awaiting a response from IMS staff about the status and what our next steps are.

Stakeholder=Soni, LAC Enrollment Services staff

I got an answer regarding emergency contacts: pull all of them. Will do.