DW Connect: Status Report


  • Rebranded the EA_Data (a.k.a. Applications) file to "Shadow Database." Bwah ah ah.
  • Restored Track Term Start and End dates. I had deleted them in error from the Shadow Database. They're back in the database and restored to the various visa letters that call for them.

CISI Report

  • Programmed Enrollment Code to calculate based on insurance start and end dates.
  • Added Alliance for Global Ed (00009) to the "Find CISI Records" script as a sponsor to omit from the search.
  • Changed logic on the email address. If the STUDENT_TYPE_DESCR = "UMN Student," use the UofM address, otherwise use the other email address, unless that's empty, then use the UofM address.
  • Began the process of filtering out those whose insurance has been sent or waived.
  • Programmed a second, internal report to run on the heels of the CISI report. This report is optimized for student workers recording comments in Peoplesoft indicating insurance has been sent.

Action Item: Record comments indicating insurance sent or waived so I can test my query.

Third Party Billing Supplemental Report

  • Wrote and delivered the Statement of Work to Missy and Catalina on June 23rd.

Action Item: Read and respond with questions or comments by Friday, July 2, 2010.

Institutional Relations Report

Done. Now, both PDF and Excel versions of the report include Track.

Controlling the Data Set

Solved. We keep only "current" applications in the Shadow Database. "Current" means just those records required to do the work Peoplesoft doesn't do, like printing letters and labels, preparing for orientations, kicking lists out to providers, etc. On a cycle which is currently weekly, we dump all data from the Shadow Database and import fresh. The Shadow Database will not store data for historical reporting. The Shadow Database will not maintain data on its own - it only knows what it imports from Peoplesoft.

Improve Queries

I sent my queries off to Barbara on June 28. We'll have to see when and how she can help us.