DW Connect: Status Report

FileMaker Peoplesoft Reconciliation

Done. I provided Rebecca with individual databases containing FileMaker records that don't match their Peoplesoft counterpart. Once ES staff works through their list we'll run the comparison again to catch what we missed.

CISI Report

Mandi has entered comments using new codes Sarah set up for Insurance Sent and Insurance Waived. I can query the comment table but the Application Number field is empty. This means we can only associate an insurance comment back to the person, not the application. If a person needs insurance on multiple occasions I we can't tell for which one the insurance was sent or waived. I sent an email to Sarah regarding the issue.

Improve Queries

I got wonderful feedback from Barbara. I need to find time to incorporate her tips and techniques. She's also expressed willingness to come work with us for a few hours - an offer I plan to take her up on.

Third Party Billing Supplemental Report

I incorporated feedback from Catalina and updated the Statement of Work.