Forgive me blogger for it's been six weeks since my last post.

  • I missed a deadline for the Third Party Billing Report. In my defense, I learned of business rules beneath the surface that needed to be understood and applied. It's not simply plucking values off the interface as we assumed in the Statement of Work. I submitted a new draft to Catalina yesterday.

Redeeming Developments

  • Before leaving for vacation, I wrote and circulated a Statement of Work for the Staff Database project.
  • External Funding is complete; just waiting for the Business Process Owners to complete a few things before scheduling a Close-Out meeting.
  • External WIV Programs is done. Next week I train the WIV team.

Completing last the two projects means we can let the Backup Server die. This is big, as that server required constant end-of-life care.

Formula for Absolution

  • Complete the Third Party Billing Project.
  • Resolve support tickets assigned to me.
  • Conclude DW Connect for LAC.
  • Work on two smallish projects for CARLA.
  • Fix the Event Registration work-around for the Dean's Office.
  • Focus my energies on the Staff Database project.