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Third Party Billing Report

The 3PBR is done. Once the ODBC plugin is installed on Catalina's and Missy's computers, I will schedule a training session/Close-Out meeting.

DW Connect

Christopher is in the process of adjusting your access so you can query passport information. It's super secret so not a part of the default access profile. The query is written and waiting in the database. I need about five minutes of Rebecca's time to complete a find and export script to make the process really smooth.

I've been wrestling with the final piece — educational data for UofM students. It's beyond my ken so I have asked Barbara S to come help me. If, after a session with her, it's still too complex, perhaps we could request a custom table that pulls it all together. Rebecca tells me that educational info isn't needed until the Spring so I'm not holding up anything.

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Thanks for the update. Let's touch base on the academic info piece to redefine a timeline. Rebecca is correct that the information should not be needed for a few months.