Staff Collection

Before I was able to finish the Statement of Work (we were on our third round of revisions), the Staff Database project was done. Credit goes not to lightning-fast work but rather shrinking the scope down to a pea. Gone are the ambitious goals of storing emergency contact information, alternate phone numbers and home addresses. We shed these features not because it's difficult to program but because we haven't spelled out OIP-wide guidelines for collecting, updating and accessing this sensitive information. I kicked that over to Molly P and the HR people. Once they describe the policy and access requirements I'll modify the database to support them. All the fields, reports and scripts are done and waiting.

Even stripped down, the Staff Database delivers a few wins:

  • A common spot to store names and phone numbers so we can easily print a phone list.
  • Decentralizes data entry. Units will maintain their own data rather than forwarding changes to the Dean's Office. Localized data entry often translates into more accurate and timely data.
  • Brings efficiencies to how LAC manages absence forms and small working groups (SWGs)

Next Steps

Provide a list to Molly of the admins I should train prior to her directors' meeting on Friday.