Web Application Owners

As an application owner, you're our point person for communication. You're also responsible for:

  • training new users
  • managing access privileges within the application
  • collecting and submitting requests for changes or improvements

Dean's Office

Meaka - Funding Sources
Elizabeth - Campus Internationalization Event Registration
Rachel and Kaoru - Dean's Office Contacts Event Registration
Stacey - Incident Tracker


Marlene and Louis - LCTL Database
Marlene - Immersion Lending Library

Confucius Institute

Emily - Confucius Institute Resource Library


Thuy - Funding Sources
Brook and Scott - WIV Tracking
Brook - WIV Programs
Emily - Liberal Education Course Database
Emily - Old Liberal Education Course Database
Allison - Orientation Registration
Antonia - Publication Request Form
Jeremy - Web Audit Tool

Dean's Office

Christopher and Patrick - Support Tickets
Jennifer and Vickie - Staff Search on Satellite


Jennifer and Vickie - Satellite
Daniel - US China Sport
Jeremy - Water Cooler

PHP Calendars

Vickie - China Center
Vickie - Confucius Institute