Absence Reporting: How It Works

The Staff database has the ability to track those who turn in absence cards. Not all units track absence cards so the database is selective about whom to track.

Set Up

To tell the database to track someone:

  1. Navigate to his or her record and click the "Need-To-Know Basis" tab.
  2. In the Absence Cards section, answer "Yes" to "Track Absence Cards?"
  3. Select a Starting Date. The starting date represents the first date the person should provide an absence card. If for example, someone starts in July, they're not obligated to turn in an absence card for June.

Recording Cards

As people turn in absence cards, record them in the database:

  1. Select "Record Absence Cards..." from the Scripts menu.
  2. Select a due date from the pop-up list at the top of the window. If the due date you need is not a value in the list, add it to the bottom of the "Due Dates We Care About" field on the right.
  3. Click the names of people who have turned in their absence card for that due date. When you click their name, it disappears from the "Missing" list and appears in the "Received" list. If you make a mistake, click their name in the "Received" list to undo.
  4. When you're done, close the window.


The database generates a report of who is missing absence cards. To print this report:

  1. Go to the list view in the Staff Database
  2. Click "Missing Absence Cards" at the bottom of the screen

Automatic Emails

In addition to tracking, the database kicks off two emails:

  1. Every two weeks on the Friday before they're due, a reminder to turn in absence cards
  2. Every six weeks a notice to those who are missing absence cards
absencecard06.jpg absencecard04.jpg absencecard02.jpg absencecard01.jpg