Keys and SWGs

I added the ability to indicate the chair of a SWG. Notice a checkbox next to their name in the form view of the SWGs tab. Chairs, or if more than one, Co-chairs, will show on reports and in the Keys and SWGs sub-tab in the form view of the Staff tab.

I uploaded Key information from the old GC Records database. You can print a list of who has keys in two places:

  1. bottom of the list view in the Staff tab (prints key information for all staff, regardless of unit)
  2. bottom of the form view in the Unit tab (prints key information for staff in single unit)

Notes about Key Information

  • The "Checked Out" date was empty for most of the historical records. I populated the missing dates with yesterday's date.
  • It appeared in the historical data that keys weren't marked returned, instead fields storing key information were cleared out. It's better to fill in a "Returned" date - that way we preserve the history of who had what key when.