How to print the GPS Phone List

On the Staff tab...

  • Go to the List view by clicking the "View As" buttons beneath the button bar.
  • Click the "GPS Phone List" button at the bottom of the list.

About the Phone List

  • The GPS Phone List is programmed to show active staff members in the major GPS units. For ISSS, active students are also included.
  • ICGC is not included on the Phone List. If, in the future, they ought to be included, ask IT to update the script.
  • The order and position of the units on the Phone List is determined by two fields in the Unit table. Go to the list view in Units and manipulate the two fields: Phone List Column and Phone List Order. Keep a preview of the Phone List open in another window so you can see the effect of your changes in real time. Make sure each unit has a unique value in the Phone List Order field.