User Analysis

The intranet is for staff of the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance. Will student workers have access? I don't know. This is a rudimentary analysis, but I identify three main types of users. The following personas are a bit exaggerated so no GPSer fits squarely in a single profile. More likely, the typical GPSer is a blend depending on workload and the cycles of the academic year.

Spot, The Cube Dweller. Spot rarely travels for work, serves on few committees, seldom connects with staff from other units, has minimal student contact and infrequently communes with external people. Spot gets GPS news from his computer, his weekly status with his supervisor and the occasional all-staff meeting in his unit.

Dick, The Globe Trotter. Dick is on-the-move, traveling frequently for work. He's been all over the world (has one of those passports with extra pages). He's on a NAFSA committee and made a presentation at the last conference. He serves on cross-unit initiatives. Dick gets GPS news from email, the committees he serves on, and the informal connections with others at events and meetings.

Jane, the High Flyer. Jane travels lots, plus she serves on committees in GPS, the University and nationally in higher ed. Jane contributes to the leadership of GPS either by title or experience or esprit. She's well-regarded and her opinion is sought-after. She's often the news-maker, but really wants to keep a pulse on the GPS day-to-day.