Why WordPress?

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I watched much of a Lynda tutorial on choosing the right content management system (CMS). I rated the following features on how important they are to our project. 1 = not important, 3 = very important.

Multisite support1
Easy for content providers3
Easy to set up2
Good documentation3
Support community3
Page management2
SEO-friendly URLs2
ECommerce capability1
Robust search features2
Lean and compliant code3

Other Things To Look for in a CMS

  • Content editor - Can it elegantly handle text, images, pdfs an other assets?
  • Template and Theme Use - Is it easy to implement your desired look and easy to change?
  • User Controls - Can you build roles and access that benefit both users and administrators?
  • Security - Can you regulate access to content and controls when necessary?
  • Search - Can you search all kinds of content quickly?

What Do We Need Out of a CMS?

  • Allow for several content providers across multiple units.
  • Manage different types of content (text, rss feeds, photos, tabular data, calendars).

What's Our Skill Set?

HTML, PHP, CSS. Have experience with WordPress including building a theme from scratch.


Here's what another University staff member says about Contao:

During the past year we began using Contao Content Management System for managing Disability Services websites. It is a great CMS and it just got even better. We now have a module for University web authentication with Shibboleth. This module allows authentication with the University Internet ID and password for website editors as well as for users allowed to see protected content (often used for Intranets). Permissions for authenticated users are configured within Contao user groups. Please get in touch if you are interested in this module.
  • ModX - Seems too much for our little intranet.
  • Drupal - Too complex and no expertise with.
  • Concrete 5 - Patrick H says it's still good but recommends WordPress for us.
  • Contao - Very tempting given the testimony above.
  • Other Free and Open Source - There are many but none stand out.


  • I have experience with it.
  • It meets our requirements.
  • LAC already uses it and it works well for them.
  • Patrick H, who has a lot of experience in web systems, endorses it.
  • There's a huge online community including users here on campus.
  • We should be able to make it work with Shibboleth.

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Nice writeup. This will be helpful for those both inside and external to GPS Alliance. Thank you for your due diligence to choose the most appropriate tool for us!