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Terminal Commands

cd /Volumes/Live/directory/directory/
ls -la
cd a-deeper-directory/
sudo chown owner:group filename.jpg 
sudo chmod 644 filename.jpg

Set Default User Name in FileMaker

  1. Select Preferences.... from the FileMaker menu.

  2. In the User Name section, select "Other" and type your x500 in the field provided.
  3. Click OK.

Getting Media Queries To Work

I'm using WordPress for our intranet and incorporating the Less Framework template so our pages respond to the device. I learned that I need to add the following line to the header.php file. I added it after the stylesheet call.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, 

Also, I changed the tablet dimensions to the following:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1024px) { }

Web Application Owners

As an application owner, you're our point person for communication. You're also responsible for:

  • training new users
  • managing access privileges within the application
  • collecting and submitting requests for changes or improvements

Dean's Office

Meaka - Funding Sources
Elizabeth - Campus Internationalization Event Registration
Rachel and Kaoru - Dean's Office Contacts Event Registration
Stacey - Incident Tracker


Marlene and Louis - LCTL Database
Marlene - Immersion Lending Library

Confucius Institute

Emily - Confucius Institute Resource Library


Thuy - Funding Sources
Brook and Scott - WIV Tracking
Brook - WIV Programs
Emily - Liberal Education Course Database
Emily - Old Liberal Education Course Database
Allison - Orientation Registration
Antonia - Publication Request Form
Jeremy - Web Audit Tool

Dean's Office

Christopher and Patrick - Support Tickets
Jennifer and Vickie - Staff Search on Satellite


Jennifer and Vickie - Satellite
Daniel - US China Sport
Jeremy - Water Cooler

PHP Calendars

Vickie - China Center
Vickie - Confucius Institute

Location of Database_Map

Get the Database_Map from IT > SupportFiles > Pkg_Builds > User_Shared > root > Users > Shared > Database_Map or just download it.

Place Database_Map in Macintosh HD > Users > Shared > Database_Map. Click to see larger image.

403 Access Forbidden

If the web pages come up with a 403 Access Forbidden message, this likely means that the Live Volume that houses the webserver data has been hijacked by Contribute.

To get a terminal it is also possible to ssh in, at the command line type: ssh -l oipadmin -C

Enter in the password and you will be dropped to a command line and can proceed as normal!

  1. Login to the webserver:
  2. Open terminal:
  3. cd /Volumes
  4. sudo mv Live Live5.blah
  5. sudo shutdown -r now

That will move the contribute files to a new folder incase there is data we need in there. After that the restart, with the shutdown -r now, should remount /Volumes/Live with the correct name.

Online Databases

Eventually we'll have everything running FileMaker 10 and PHP on our main servers. For now:

  • CARLA's stuff uses FMP 5 and CDML on some server
  • ISSS's stuff uses FMP 5.5 and LASSO on some server
  • LAC stuff uses FMP 6 Unlimited and Instant Web Publishing on the Backup Server

Reboot CDML Databases

Follow these instructions to reboot the CDML databases on the OIP Backup Server.
  1. Log in to Backup Server
  2. Quit Terminal, FMWSC_Apache, and FileMaker Pro (any or all that are running)
  3. Click on FMWSC_Apache in the Dock
  4. In the Dock, click on "FileMaker Pro aliases" to reveal contents
  5. Launch the four databases that are in the root level of that directory
  6. Check the web page to make sure it loads properly.