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Kick-Off: CARLA Contact Database

Met with Liz yesterday and sketched out a rough timeline for this project:
October to Mid November: I work on database based on dissections of the current database.
Mid November to Mid December: Work with Liz, incorporating her feedback.
Mid December to Late December: Complete database.
Early January: Import data and implement.

I spent 87 hours from March 8, 2001 to August 19, 2011.

Addressing and Mailing Services

One feature of the China Center Contact database is a routine that dumps address information into an Excel file for sending to Addressing and Mailing Services. This single file contains three types of addresses:

  • Campus
  • International
  • Domestic

Our goal is to provide a file that is simple and foolproof for Mailing services to parse, validate, bounce against the National Change of Address database, and send under the bulk mailing rate for nonprofits. The people at Addressing and Mailing Services are very helpful and suggest these tips for data entry:

  • Use only the two-character state abbreviation in the state field.
  • If your address includes a province (Canada for example), put it after the city in the city field.
  • Only countries go in the country field.
  • For APO addresses, put APO in the city field, not country.
  • Do not use Chinese characters anywhere in the address.
  • If you're mailing to another campus (Duluth, Morris, etc), it must be sent through the US mail; so provide the street, city, state and zip. Select "campus office" from the type drop-down menu. If you wish, tuck the Campus Mail code in one of the address lines — it may help mailing services on the destination campus.

Twin City campus mail codes begin with a number. The mail codes for other campuses begin with a letter.