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Close Out: External Funding

Done. It took 170 hours beginning on March 11, 2009!

Clean Up Formatting

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Hey Meaka, I added a button to help you clean up messy text. Here's a short movie showing you how it works:

Hey Meaka and Thuy, I haven't been able to spend any time working on your project but that should change shortly. I have several projects wrapping this month which frees me up to concentrate on your project in May. I'm on vacation April 12-16. I'll check in with you both the week I return.

Un-Progress Report

A week or more has passed since my last activity on External Funding and Incident Abroad Web. This update is to let you know that even though I haven't worked on your projects, we're still on schedule to meet our deadlines. Other projects are on the cusp of completion so I should be able to turn my attention to yours very soon. Let me know if you have any concerns.

External Funding Kick-off Redux


We met Jan 15, 2010, to reinvigorate the project begun with Thuy and combine it with a similar project for Meaka. Next, I will:

  1. Update the statement of work to reflect the addition of Meaka's funding database. Done. Download the Statement of Work.
  2. Compare both databases and determine similarities and how differences can be reconciled.
  3. Ask Christopher where University-wide scholarship application is. Done. The University initiative does not bear on this project. Ours is a curated list of scholarships of particular interest to our audience. It will not have all the information the user needs but rather directs them to the various websites where they can learn more and apply.

We discussed the potential of interfacing with the travel warning list generated by the State department and the ability for users to search by keywords.