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We changed how the Incident Tracker notifies people about new cases. With the recent spate of refund appeals, we realized the need to be more selective than simply spamming all the higherups (Meredith, Martha, Sheila et al.).

Now, when you add a new case, you will choose who gets an email. After filling out details about the case, the following screen will prompt you to notify the need-to-knows. Select the appropriate people and click "Send Notification."


Phase II is done. I spent 140 hours since December 8, 2010. Next is Phase III which will accommodate the needs of ISSS.

Authentication Process Flow


Browser Compatibility

Windows IE 7 Windows Safari 5 Windows Firefox 3.6 Mac Safari 5 Mac Firefox 3.6 Mac Firefox 3.0 iPhone 4.2 iPhone 3.1

Incident Abroad Web App: Sneak Peek

List of cases.

Single case.

Incident Abroad Reboot

Before Go Live

 Send list of users to Stacey to audit.
 Conduct testing sessions with APDs. I have two scheduled for Thursday.
 Disable Documents tab until we solve security issues.
 Prepare launch e-mail that addresses technical issues and send to Stacey.
 Audit all error messages to make sure they're clear, appropriate and provide the user a path to resolution.
 Add Stacey's phone number to error messages that currently have her e-mail address.
 Edit logout page to contain a single link to log back in.
 Remove my test case.
 Enable participants list to show actual names.

After Go Live

 Investigate SuperContainer as a secure method to upload and share documents.



Test live versions on the dev server.

My cases

When the user logs in, she see her list of cases. The default view displays open cases with the option to show closed cases. Closed cases are distinguished by a light grey background. Other options on this page include searching cases and jumping to a specific case given its case number.

Reference - Links to web pages with more information.

Admin Functions - "Super users" is that evolving list of people who are automatically assigned to every case. In the current database you need me to make changes to the list. In this version control is ceded to you.

Mostly, this page is a way for the user to navigate to a specific case. Click a case number to get something like the following screen shot.

Contacts on a case

Imagine a page like this for each tab. They resemble their database counterpart with one change — the case details run down the left side rather than the top. Users click "My Cases" to return to the previous page.

Two-Factor Authentication

Christopher is researching how to implement M Key authentication on this site. He'll report back on May 5.

Peoplesoft Connection

Christopher is solving for how we transition the current Incident Abroad database to look to Peoplesoft for student info (name, program, track, term) rather than our legacy FileMaker databases.

Un-Progress Report

A week or more has passed since my last activity on External Funding and Incident Abroad Web. This update is to let you know that even though I haven't worked on your projects, we're still on schedule to meet our deadlines. Other projects are on the cusp of completion so I should be able to turn my attention to yours very soon. Let me know if you have any concerns.

Incident Abroad Web

Functionality Special* LAC ISSS UofM Non UofM
View Only          
Participants Interactivity          
Contacts Interactivity          
Log Interactivity          
Documents Interactivity          
Task Interactivity          

*Need a better word but this refers to a high level group of users who are always involved in every case. People like Stacey, Sheila, Meredith, etc.

 Phase I - May 2010

 Phase II - Jan 2011

 Phase III - May 2011

 Phase IV - Sept 2011

 Phase V - No date assigned

 Phase VI - Disable FileMaker front-end

 Phase VII - More precise ways to manage access

Possible Trammels

Success of this project relies on technologies we have not yet mastered:

  • Implementing mkey authentication
  • Querying the data warehouse
  • Implementing SMS alerts
  • Secure document uploading
  • Finding creative way to deliver reports
  • OIT resolving guest access for non UofM users

Business Process Owner Goals

  1. Make information accessible when you're not at your desk
  2. Extend the solution to ISSS
  3. Extend the solution to Non-UofM users
  4. Explore text messaging as way to send alerts


In short, the goal is to move the entire application from FileMaker to the web while delivering the same functionality. We mentioned adding a "My Tasks" area.