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WIV Tracking: Final Issues


Problem Opening Uploaded Word Docs. Maybe it's my instance of Word but I can't open any Word document I submit through the form. Could we remove .doc from the list of acceptable file types leaving gif, tif, jpg or pdf?

Viewing Uploaded Word Docs in Database. If we eliminate the ability to upload Word docs it solves the issue of not being able to view them via the web viewer portal in the database. IOW, two problems solved by not allowing Word docs.

Text for Future Dates. Actually, this would be much easier to handle right in the database when WIV Tracking staff is processing the submissions. Is that okay, rather than scripting the web to add it to the auto-confirmation email? Is there a generic insurance email address instead of sending it to Mandi? We'll never remember to change this if Mandi no longer handles insurance.

Dates Too Long Ago. I made it so it will return an invalid date message if the year is before 1990. That okay?

Docs Disappear After Fail. I tried preserving document info if the page fails. Couldn't do it. Instead, I've added an alert message asking the user to attach it again.


Who should we ask to test the form? I want users to try to break it.

  • Leave fields blank.
  • Enter bad dates.
  • Click to "Not in list" check box and see how it behaves.
  • Upload files types not in the list of preferred.
  • Upload huge file.
  • Use the "Submit and Add Another" button, repeatedly and with intentional errors.

Document upload. The document upload is working well but I want to try things on the back end to make sure uploaded documents are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone via the web.

Central Authentication Hub. I got a polite RTFM from OIT in response to my questions about CAH. I've spent several hours messing with it myself and am getting no where. Patrick's back from being sick so I'll pick his brain.

WIV Tracking: Outstanding Issues

Document upload. I can't get documents to load. I need Patrick's help and he's very busy after being out sick. Once I get them to load, I need to screen them for type (pdf, jpg, doc, tiff), size and move them into a non web-accessible location.

Validate dates.Fixed! Currently I'm checking the existence of date values but I need to check if they are valid dates. IOW, no February 31.

Apostrophes in country names. Solved! Three countries have an apostrophe and it's screwing up my PHP. I've temporarily removed them from the list. They are:

  • Cote D'Ivoire
  • Lao People's Democratic Rep
  • Korea, Democratic People's Rep

Central Authentication Hub. It works but I feel like I'm not implementing it correctly. For such an important technology there is a dearth of practical information about it. I sent an email to someone in OIT. We'll see what I learn.

Glitch. The field for a provider name when the "not in list" check box is checked remains hidden in the states listed below. Oddly, the form still works. That is, the value is there and is part of the post data.

  • When the form is rejected for missing or invalid data
  • When the user clicked "Submit and Add Another" and the previous entry invoked the hidden field

Note to self: uncomment the mail script when we start testing.

WIV Tracking: Progress Report


I mocked up a web form. Big thanks to Kim in ASR who got me started with Javascript. The page shows and hides fields as the user needs them. If Brook and the others approve of the direction, I'll get the page working. Time to brush up on file uploads.


The FileMaker database should be real simple. Here's a screen shot:

Screenshot of WIV Tracking database<


Last week I delivered Peoplesoft data, Confucius Institute Online Catalog, and the PHP FMP Connect documentation for CARLA.

This week is clean up and staging for the next three projects: WIV Tracking, CARLA's LCTL (less commonly taught languages), LAC's First Step Sign In. All are web front-ends with FileMaker on the back.