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Forms in Google Docs

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I recently used the Form tool in Google Docs to conduct a survey. On balance it works great.


  • Easy to build and customize.
  • Can make some fields required.
  • Can embed the survey in a webpage or the body of an email.
  • Results are stored in a back-end, downloadable spreadsheet.
  • Results are also delivered graphically.
  • Can customize the response page.
  • Can allow survey-takers to see the results after completing the survey.
  • It's free and you don't need to agree to terms (read Survey Monkey).


  • Cannot create a paginated form for longer surveys.
  • Cannot customize questions based on previous responses.
  • Results are in the Google space. Who owns them?
  • A bug? I tested the form in advance of sending it out then cleared those rows from the back-end spreadsheet. However my test responses are still factored in the results displayed graphically.
  • Would not use it to gather private or sensitive data or if I needed responders to identify themselves.


The Form tool in Google Docs is a quick and easy way to send out surveys. It's perfect for internal polling of non-sensitive data like gathering anonymous feedback on a training session or organizing a group potluck.


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Honeycomb's Big! Yah yah yah!

User Experience HoneycombAttended the April 15, 2009, MIMA event, "User Experience Utopia," delivered by Nick Finck, co-founder of Blue Flavor. Reminding me of Kristina Halvorson's notion of a brand - useful, usable and enjoyable - the User Experience Honeycomb captures the essentials of good UX.