Emergency Procedures Audit


Yesterday afternoon Stacey had an urgent, late-in-the-day request to post swine flu info on the website. Jeremy was not immediately available. It got me thinking we should talk through our protocols for emergencies. I want to make sure others have the access and the training to make pages live. For the record, Brendan stepped up, worked with Stacey and got the page on the site. Thanks Brendan.


We will also want to discuss the upcoming web management strategy of implementing Staging into the process.

One of the intentions is that for the daily updates, no human touches Live, but our preliminary plan is for Soni, Patrick, and myself to have access to touch Live when needed for emergencies. But this plan needs some flesh.

What went wrong? I didn't tell Stacey I would stay late to make sure the page went up. When she called and got my voicemail she assumed I had left for the day. She panicked, as anyone would, and pulled Christopher out of a meeting. (I hear that was a comedy of errors.) I should have told Stacey I would stay late. I should have given her my cellphone number and carried my cellphone when I left my desk. And that's one to grow on.

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