Our current masthead:

What a new one might look like:

  • The mandatory "Driven to Discover" element is now taller. Should we shrink the "Learning Abroad Center" element to maintain overall height? The taller the masthead, the further down the page users have to scroll to find content.
  • There's a search box in the "Driven to Discover" element so we don't need another. We can change the wording and functionality so it searches just our site.
  • Visually, the white box around "Learning Abroad Center" isn't necessary because of the natural border created by the neighboring elements. However, if that's our new wordmark perhaps no alterations are allowed.
  • I love the blue but perhaps we could use color to ease the transition between the maroon above and the element to follow.



That's our wordmark- no alterations allowed says the tailor.

I too like the strong blue. But I'd be open to other colors and perhaps this would be a way to include one of the colors of the new color family seen in the upcoming catalogs and new brochures

Perhaps we don't use the workmark here at all and instead a strip that includes "Learning Abroad Center." Or does that undermine our brand?

The heading is now much taller, but I think the LAC banner should stay big. Otherwise, the UofM/DD takes center stage and overpowers our office.

I think it's important to include the wordmark for branding purposes.

I'd like to change the blue. Our colors all refer to regions, though. We've been using maroon/gold for non-regional information. Maybe keep universal banners and nav bars in shades of gold for unity then integrate the colors more into program pages?

I think it might be worth it to shrink the LAC element just a tiny bit. It looks huge to me (I know that it's what we want, but maybe not to this extent?).

Mission: The Web SWG defines and cultivates a strategic vision for the Learning Abroad Center website; maintains consistency of all content; steers development; and maintains the website as an extensive, accessible, and robust marketing tool.