I'm experimenting with body text. I'd like to:

  • try other looks for headings other than red centered text on a gray background

  • reduce the number of variations down to h1, h2, h3, strong and emphasis

  • change link hover color to something more visible - yellow gets lost on the white background

  • add an active state to links (how the text looks as you click it)

  • increase the leading (the distance between lines of text) which I think will enhance readability

  • change the default font from Arial to Verdana



I really like these changes, especially changing the headers and adjusting the leading.

YES. I love having fewer styles and all in one typeface. Our current site is not even consistently Arial. Page titles are Helvetica, content headings Verdana, body text Arial, bullets Verdana or Arial (I looked at a few pages, it varies)... it's crazy.

The increased leading is much easier to read.

As for Verdana vs Arial, I find Verdana much easier to read on-screen. It has a lighter weight, a larger x-height (meaning it is more readable at smaller sizes), and more open characters (the "C" in Arial, for example, is nearly a closed "O").

That said, the "J," "j," and "I" stand out to me as especially not Univers (the sans-serif we use in print). Helvetica and Arial relate much more to Univers. In that sense, the web fonts chosen should go Helvetica, Arial, and then sans-serif.

Maybe the non-designers should chime in here? I do find Verdana easier on the eyes, but I notice the difference. Does anyone else?

As for links, the new U site uses underlined gray, then maroon for hover/active links, which I think looks nice.

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