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Text, part 2

It's still under development, but check out the style manual for formatting text. Why are we doing this? Well, to:

  • reduce variations in text in order to improve the user experience
  • create consistency across the site in order to improve usability
  • create consistency between print and web in order to strengthen our brand
  • reduce the number of styles and the need to apply them in order to make the site easier to manage


Feedback: create another level of heading; make the bullets small dots.

Some debate over the base font. Point, "serif matches our print materials. We can't use the exact serif font because it renders poorly on the web and not all users have it." Counterpoint, "if we're not using the exact font then let's use a sans-serif which is more readable."

Images: If there's a photo credit, we embed it in the photo. Use an image rather than the text, "Enlarge this image." Many photos won't be captioned. A photo gallery is better for most of our photo needs. We rarely have a single photo sitting within text (which is not to say we shouldn't/couldn't).

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