Link Checking in Google

Analytics is used to check the internal links of the LAC website, in addition to links from other websites that have broken links to our site. To do this,

  1. Log into the Live website's Google Analytics results.
  2. Click on the "Top Content" section.
  3. In the search bar below the "Top Content" table type in "404". This will return all of the pages that link to broken pages on the website.
  4. Hover over individual links to see both the source of the bad link, and where that page attempted to link to.
  5. Fix the link and make the updated page live!

It is a good idea to limit the date range to within a few recent days of activity. This eliminates the possibility of Analytics returning links that have already been fixed and also makes the list much more manageable.

When checking broken links that link internally, simply change the link! If the correct content no longer exists, or if there is anything that requires changing more than just the link's direction, contact Brian and Jeremy. When doing this, provide the address of the page with the broken link, and the title of the link, along with the inquiry.

When fixing links from outside websites, contact the Webmaster with a form letter like the one below that outlines the problem, and request a change. Be sure to BCC Antonia when sending this letter:

Hello, my name is Brendan, and I do webmaster work for the Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota. I was checking source paths that commonly link to our error page and I found a bad link on your site. The link is on ""under the "Online Study Abroad Scholarship Searches" section and is titled "". The correct link is "". If you could change this link, it would be much appreciated!

Mission: The Web SWG defines and cultivates a strategic vision for the Learning Abroad Center website; maintains consistency of all content; steers development; and maintains the website as an extensive, accessible, and robust marketing tool.