Link Checking in Xenu

Xenu checks our pages for bad links to other sites. To log in,

  1. Open Windows with Virtual Box and find Xenu in the applications list.
  2. When opened go to the "Xenu" menu in the menu bar and run a new report on the umabroad website.
  3. This report typically takes about 40 minutes, so plan ahead!
  4. To find where a bad link is located on the LAC site, right-click on a result and go to "properties". The location of the link will be listed here.

Xenu does return a number of bad results. Don't worry about results that list a local path (Google Analytics is a better tool for tracking those down) and Wikipedia sites always return bad results. This is because they block the Xenu spiders. Also, don't worry about broken links that list "redir" as the problem. Those links usually work just fine. It's a good idea to make sure that the links are actually broken with the Xenu results before spending time trying to track down and fix a link that already works. Xenu does work pretty well, but it takes a little getting used to.

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