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Emergency Procedures Audit


Yesterday afternoon Stacey had an urgent, late-in-the-day request to post swine flu info on the website. Jeremy was not immediately available. It got me thinking we should talk through our protocols for emergencies. I want to make sure others have the access and the training to make pages live. For the record, Brendan stepped up, worked with Stacey and got the page on the site. Thanks Brendan.

Photo Editor


I see photo usage as a way to pump up the emotional value of our site. We're using photos now but they're not always vivid, cropped, captioned or credited. We can also improve how we position photos - weaving them into content rather than clustering them on a subordinate page. I suggest deputizing a Photo Editor for the web. This person would...

- manage our photo assets
- get and track photo releases, photo credits and captions
- sollicit photos from students and staff
- be a Photoshop Queen/King
- crop, enhance and optimize images for the web
- provide creative direction for photo usage on our site
- approve all images before they go live

I know the Comm Team is doing lots of this but I think there's value in formalizing the position. Perhaps Terry did it and I haven't assumed the role. I'm willing to take it on but I need Photoshop training (there's money in my professional development account to get started). What do you guys think? Anyone interested?

Agenda Mar 16 2009


  1. Contribute Upgrade and Training

  2. My Status


  1. Spring 2009 Goals

    1. All getting sucked into Searchable Program Database

  2. Searchable Program Database

    1. The database

    2. The new templates

    3. The navbar, masthead and rotating banner

    4. Tabbed interface and student profiles

    5. Metatags, accessibility, page titles, current content

  3. Replace Logo with Stylized Wordmark


  1. Budget Estimate - Jeremy

  2. New Student Worker Jason

Agenda Feb 16 2009


  1. Spring 2009 Goals

    1. Reduced number of files by 48%; and overall size by 53%

    2. Fixed many broken links


  1. Spring 2009 Goals

    1. Keep fixing links

    2. Submit sitemap to Google

  2. Contribute Training

    1. Install and re-config CS4

  3. Web Stats

  4. Replace Logo with Stylized Wordmark


  1. Spring 2009 Goals

    1. Make sure all content is current and remove if not

    2. Rewrite page titles

    3. Write metatags

    4. Code for accessibility

  2. Templates

    1. Study how we can incorporate new templates

Agenda Jan 12 2009


  1. Replace Cathy Huber

  2. Moving this meeting

  3. According to Brendan, site is all CSS except some paragraph spacing

  4. Learnings from Usability Lab

  5. Contribute - training complete; CS4 upgrade later this month

  6. My status - 6 mos and no more?

  7. Ambiguous deadline for template adoption

  8. Reds in header and footer in Firefox - Brendan fixed


  1. Web Stats - Christopher

  2. Student Blog - Communications Team

  3. Meeting with Santiago - Me, Christopher

  4. Swap logo for stylized wordmark - who does? due date?

  5. Katie and Templates


  1. Goals for 2009, 2010 - Let's here 'em

Agenda Dec 15 2008

Who are you and why are you here?

What's my role? What's yours? How do we best work together?

Where are we right now?

  1. Changes in web team (Christopher)

  2. My skills and what I bring to the team

  3. University Standards and Templates

  4. Pressing web issues

Plucked from old Web SWG minutes:

  1. Searchable Programs database (May 2005)

  2. Using the web to improve in-house communications (Nov 2007)

  3. Events calendar (Dec 2007)

Past Initiatives

  1. A trip to the Usability Lab?

  2. Converting to CSS?

  3. Others?

Current Initiatives

  1. Web stats (Christopher)

  2. Student Blog (Marketing Team)

  3. Contribute Training

  4. Others I should know about?

Wish lists

What's next?

  1. Set goals for 2009 and 2010

Mission: The Web SWG defines and cultivates a strategic vision for the Learning Abroad Center website; maintains consistency of all content; steers development; and maintains the website as an extensive, accessible, and robust marketing tool.