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Building Blocks


Lest you feel we're making no progress on the Searchable Program Database... in fact everything we're working on now is groundwork for SPD. Repeating what I said in our last meeting:

Peoplesoft is where all program data originates. It's sparse but it's the starting point. Programs will be entered first in Peoplesoft, then sucked into a FileMaker database where it acquires flesh, then pushed onto the web in the form of a minisite. The Peoplesoft project is moving ahead and is on track for one of the months with a b in it. Christopher, or me, or both of us (it's not decided yet) will build the FileMaker mirror.

New Web Templates form the base layer upon which all our content floats. It needs an upgrade to be compliant with web standards and to clean up code which can't help but get messy over time. This piece includes tweaks to the stylesheet Katie and I demoed a few meetings ago.

New Program Minisite. Since we have to rebuild the program minisite anyway, we may as well revisit how the information is organized. Why do we need to rebuild it? Because the content will be coming from a database and not hand-coded by Programmers. This is what Jeremy's been working on which he demoed at the last meeting.

eSAMAS. Though it's not pictured above, the eSAMAS initiative is part of this grand effort. Zach and Brook will be the eSAMAS voice at the table. We had to peel off from the larger, unit-wide initiative to make this happen. What we build here, we will share with the other campuses.

Oy, this is going to take a while

Here's a first draft of a project plan for a searchable program database. The plan assumes we choose option 1 which is currently being discussed at management levels.

Mission: The Web SWG defines and cultivates a strategic vision for the Learning Abroad Center website; maintains consistency of all content; steers development; and maintains the website as an extensive, accessible, and robust marketing tool.