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Palette, part 2

These are the hex colors from Katie. They're slightly different from the ones I pulled off an image Brian sent me. These are the real deal. Check the web standards page for more options on maroon and gold.

Africa & ME Orange: #d95d2c

Americas Blue: #0095c7

Asia & Oceania Green: #005c2c

Europe Beige: #a99d77

Worldwide Purple: #6a366e

Maroon: #7a0019

Gold: #ffcc33

Text, part 2


It's still under development, but check out the style manual for formatting text. Why are we doing this? Well, to:

  • reduce variations in text in order to improve the user experience
  • create consistency across the site in order to improve usability
  • create consistency between print and web in order to strengthen our brand
  • reduce the number of styles and the need to apply them in order to make the site easier to manage

Masthead, part 2


Katie prepared a program-specific banner. And we wanted to experiment with using the square wordmark.

Browser Compatibility

These are the browsers I suggest we validate against.

Windows (85% of visitors)*
Internet Explorer 6 
Internet Explorer 7
Firefox 3
Safari 4
Chrome 1

MacOS (14% of users)
Safari 3
Safari 4
Firefox 3

Usage data is from the University eCommunications Standards.


Brochure_color_palette.jpgBehold the color palette for the brochure. Per Katie's idea, let's weave these colors into our web palette.

Blue #0079A6
Green #004324
Purple #48224B
Fog #8B835E
Orange #BC4429

All Together

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Here's what it looks like all pulled together.




I'm experimenting with body text. I'd like to:

  • try other looks for headings other than red centered text on a gray background

  • reduce the number of variations down to h1, h2, h3, strong and emphasis

  • change link hover color to something more visible - yellow gets lost on the white background

  • add an active state to links (how the text looks as you click it)

  • increase the leading (the distance between lines of text) which I think will enhance readability

  • change the default font from Arial to Verdana


Mission: The Web SWG defines and cultivates a strategic vision for the Learning Abroad Center website; maintains consistency of all content; steers development; and maintains the website as an extensive, accessible, and robust marketing tool.