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Terror management by is described as adopting theories regarding the afterlife in order to give more meaning to life here on earth. This topic is interesting to me as someone who isn't an incredibly religious individual. I support every ones beliefs, no matter what they are, and even if they contradict my own. To give context to my post and my opinions however it seems important to state that at the moment I am an atheist. One big misconception about atheism is that those who believe it, believe that God doesn't exist. What it really means is that we as human beings are constrained by what we know, and the idea that God exists cant be proven nor is it falsifiable.

The point of this post is as an atheist I've often thought about what the meaning of life is from a practical point of view. To me since I don't gain much self-esteem or self worth from God, life is what I make it out to be. To me that way of thinking that we all control our own destiny makes me aggressive in pursuing my goals and tenacious in completing tasks that I enjoy which makes me a better person. I feel like life is tough enough, that it doesn't make sense to worry about a super natural power that I have no control over. This way of thinking makes me truly unafraid of death because I have no say or control over when I pass. I'm worried about what I can control, and doing my best not to take any precious moments for granted. This mood is a mixture of control and abandon, and centers around an awareness of the inevitability of death. Once we accept that our death is completely inevitable, and really but moments away, we are free to live life to the full.

Anyway, when I read about the terror management concept I thought it would be interesting I give a perspective of someone who isn't overly religious.

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