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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is not celebrated by everyone; however, I look at it not in the historical context but instead a time to simply give thanks. It is so easy to overlook and take for granted how special family and friends are and the things they do for us. Thanksgiving Day gives me a moment to pause and look around me at the people in my life and what they mean to me. Family is such an important aspect, I can sometimes overlook how much each individual has affected my life, who I have become, and whom I am still to be. Thanksgiving Day can be just as about new traditions as they are old ones. It is not just about the food, although that is usually pretty good, it is also a time to be also encased by warmth and comfortableness.

Now that the upcoming Winter Holiday season is approaching I think more about the endless gift hunting for family and friends, decorating my apartment, and getting into the new Holiday spirit. Perk up finals may be coming upon us soon but they will be over soon and then you get to enjoy a month long break!

Happy Holidays