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Vote 2008

Today was a very exciting day for me. It was the first time in my life that I was eligible to contribute my voice, my vote, in the 2008 Presidential Election. I hope that for all of those who were able to go out to the polls made their opinions known. Voting is something that I feel strongly about because it continues to instill that we are independent thinkers who matter in the grand scheme of things. I feel that in so many circumstances we are being pushed into adulthood and if we are 'adult' enough to be drafted into a war than we should be 'adult' enough to walk ourselves over to a poll booth and bubble in a few circles. I have to say personally I thought it was rather easy after the three extensive years of scantron test taking; I even considered using the old college technique of design-making when unsure of my choice for judges, . . . don't tell me that you didn't consider doing the same thing . . . (JK!). No matter whether you are for the Republican or Democratic party I am excited to see the results and will most likely be up til the wee hours of tomorrow morning waiting for the final tally. Either way tomorrow is the beginning of a new era so CELEBRATE!