May 12, 2009

New Officers

The Family Social Science Round Table has had their last meeting of the semester last Monday 5/4! We voted on all of the new officers for next Fall and all of the 2009-2010 school year! So there are ALL new officers: President, secretary, treasurer, volunteer coordinator, and social coordinator! I wish then the best of luck for next year! I know I had a blast with the Round Table in the past year and I will definitely miss the group! I have made some good friends there, learned new leadership skills, and learned a lot of the organizations around the Twin Cities. GOOD LUCK IN 2009-2010 SCHOOL YEAR ROUND TABLE!!

Bye Bye U of MN!

Tomorrow is my very last day of college as an undergraduate!! I am so excited to graduate and to have the U of MN be a huge part of the rest of my life! Thursday, May 14th (in 2 days!) is the College of Education and Human Development's graduation ceremony! I am getting together with family at 5:00pm for dinner in Dinkytown at Downtime, then commencement is at 7:00! Good luck to everyone graduating!! :)

April 15, 2009


So we have decided to move to Philadelphia, PA!!! My boyfriend will be starting his Ph.D in Biomedical Enginieering there this Fall, and I will, hopefully, be working full time somewhere! This is so exciting! Right now I have started to browse the job market there and look for places to live. I am happy and excited to start a new chapter of my life after the U of MN!

Missing College Student

I just wanted to say that my heart is going out to all of the friends and family members of Dan Zamlen, the missing college student from St. Thomas. I can not even imagine what it would be like to personally go through this. I hope they find him soon and get their questions answered!

March 26, 2009

6 more weeks!

There is only about 6 more weeks for me in my undergraduate career!! Then I graduate on May 14th!! This is HUGE deal for my family and I because I am actually the first person in my family to go to college. I have other cousins that have, but not my parents, or grandparents! My plans for after graduation are pretty well laid out right now! I got a summer job with AmeriCorp (domestic branch of the PeachCorp) working with K-3 in Minneapolis School District and helping children in Summer school with their reading skills! I am very excited for this opportunity with AmeriCorp! And after the position, they give me a $1,000 grant for my student loans so that is a great reward!! :) Then, my boyfriend of 4 years and I are actually moving out East! It will be either Rochester, NY or Philadelphia, PA! He is attending graduate school at one of those places to get hi Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering! So I have been looking at schools and jobs out there. I would love to getmy MSA (Master's in Social Work) but literally almost all of the programs require 1-2 years of work in the field before applying to graduate school! So, that is my plan! :)

March 9, 2009

Current Events

The Family Social Science Round table has been very busy lately! We recently did a soical event of going to dinner together and just hanging out! We did a volunteer event at Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen, MN, we're planning to attend the U of MN Rely for LIfe, and have a Gopher's After Dark spot reserved for us at Coffman Union on 3/27! If you are interested in joining us for any of these events please email us at Everyone is welcome! :)

February 23, 2009

Busy time of the year!

This is one of the busiest times of the year for me with a ton of birthdays in my family and among friends, and the semester is really starting to crack down! Sometime I wonder why it is that all my professors have tests and assignments starting all around the same time, and then all due around the same time! :( I will admit it, I am a bit stressed...But that's what college is about! Making your way through it all! I am still waiting for that grand day though...May 14, 2009! :)

February 12, 2009

Corrections Fair!!

I just found out some very exciting news, for myself anyways!! Ramsey County is hosting a Career/Resource Fair for all of the Twin Cities counties on Saturday, February 28th, 11am-4pm! It is located where I did my internship!! Which is Boys Totem Town, a residential correctial facility for juvenile boys. I plan on attending and I am SO excited to visit the people I worked with and walk in that building again, I miss it SO much. So, if you are interested in working with corrections such as a case manager, parole officer, should attend! :)

Click here for details!

February 10, 2009

Job and Internship Fair Update

I attended the U of MN Job and Internship fair yesterday and it was very helpful! Although I think I went at the wrong time because it was SUPER busy and the lines were long, when I was done everything was much shorter! Everyone that was working the fair was very professional and all the students and alumni were dressed up all business-like, I enjoyed that! There were a few organizations/companies that I was really interested in and that I visited. I would like to share these with you, especially if you are a Family Social Science student or a prospective student!

Some of the great organizations/companies were:
ACR Homes
Admission Possible
AmeriCorps in Minnesota
Department of Health and Human Services
Goodwill/Easter Seals
Hennepin County
Homeward Bound
MN Autism center
MN Department of Corrections
MN Council of Nonprofits
St. Joseph Worker Program
YMCA/YWCA of Minneapolis

...There were many more at the fair but these are the one that are most related to Family Social Science that I got more information on! If you are interested in any of these companies I strongly urge you to google them to do a little research. I know they all have internships and 280 hours of an internship is required for graduation!! :)

February 8, 2009

Job and Internship Fair!

Tomorrow the U of MN is hosting a Job and Internship Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center! I plan on attending in hopes of getting some information about full time employment after I graduate! Some nice things about this is that it is just for U of MN students, there is a complete list of employers, jobs, and contact information on their website here, it's free, and transportation is provided! There will be buses from Coffman Union straight to the Convention Center which is one of the best parts of it for me tomorrow! So, if you can you should try to attend the Job and Internship fair because, as you can see, there are many employers and representatives that will be there waiting to talk to us!

January 28, 2009


Meetings for Spring semester, 2009 are going to be held in room 146 in McNeal Hall, at 4pm on every-other Monday! Below is the list of dates we will be meeting! Please join us! :) 1/26 2/9 2/23 3/9 3/23 4/6 4/20 5/4 If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Family Social Science Courses

I would like to talk a little about some of the FSoS classes that I have enjoyed the most at the U of MN! Throughout my career as an undergraduate here in FSoS I have taken almost all of the FSoS courses that are available to take! My favorite of them all would have to be Family Policy and Families and Aging! I liked Family Policy (FSoS 2103) because I gained so much knowledge from my professor about laws, policies, and many acts that are made for and against families in our country. I feel that this is very important to know about because when we are working with people that need some sort of assistance in the future, we will want to know what the law and government can also do to help out! Families and Aging (FSoS 4154W) has also been one of my favorites! I liked this class so much because it stuck out to me from the other classes because it was about one specific population- elders! Most of the other FSoS classes, in my experience, do not focus as much on a specific topic and/or population so it was nice to go into some depth with the topic of Families and Aging. The main thing I got out of this class was that the elders population is increasing daily because people are having less kids now days, people are living much longer than expected and than what they used to, therefore- we as helpers should be aware and knowledgeable about older people because it's very possible that we will be working with them! To see the list and description of all Family Social Science courses click here.

January 20, 2009

Inauguration 2009

I am currently watching the 2009 Inauguration of President Barack Obama and it's amazing! I am so thrilled to see all of the people there that have bought tickets to witness in person this very historic day! They are brave people too because it looks cold there! I personally have never actually watched as much politic coverage as I have in the past year of my life and I have learned SO much! The same goes with just watching this inauguration today, because they are talking a lot about the history of this unique transition of power. It's all just amazing to me! Hopefully other people will be able to enjoy this as much and I and welcome in the new President! obama-lincoln-cp-w6109957.jpg

January 15, 2009

Spring 2009 meetings

The Family Social Science Round table is having their meetings on Mondays at 4pm in McNeal Hall! If you are interested in joining it is extremely recommended that you attend one of the first meetings to get the scoop on everything right away while it's all happening! There will be an introduction to the group, and an agenda for the semester! Don't miss out! Room TBA.

Graduation 2009

I got a letter in the mail about the Commencment Ceremony for Spring 2009! It is going to be held on May 14th, 2009 at 7:00pm! I was SUPER excited to get this letter and it made a lot of things that are coming up in my life seem like they are a lot closer than I was expecting! This is SO exciting!! :) graduation22.gif