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October 21, 2008

Your Voice - Your Vote!

As we all know, this election is a very important one if not the most important one of all time. With all of the baby boomers' children now of age to vote, and them being a large majority of the United States population...we need to exercise our right to vote to the max! This is so important for the future of all of us! There are a few things to remember:

* You may not use going to vote as an excuse to miss class time! This may seem like the perfect opportunity to skip out on lecture legitimately, but it is against the rules! According to the Minnesota daily, the University of Minnesota's policy on Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences states that skipping out of class to go vote is not a good excuse, and that you need to work around class to go vote. However, many people around campus and myself are predicting that this rule may be loosely enforced on November 4th.

* The polls at the University of Minnesota will be open 13 hours on the 4th for your convenience. And you are able to register on the day of elections. These are to make voting easy and convenient, so no excuses!

* You can vote if you are:
* A U.S. citizen
* 18 years old or older on Election Day
* a Minnesota resident for at least 20 days before election day
* a resident of your precinct on Election Day
* not a convicted felon deprived of your civil rights
* not under "guardianship of the person"
* not legally incompetent

Happy Voting on Tuesday, November 4th!

October 15, 2008

Introducing Myself

Hello everybody! My name is Jill Moran and I am the undergraduate blogger for the department of Family Social Science! I am excited to start this blog because I am anxious to share all the good things about FSoS with you and my personal experiences here within the department!

I am originally from Blaine, MN (just north metro for those of you who do not know). I graduated from Blaine High School in June 2005. After high school I was undecided on what I wanted to do for college and a career. I ended up going to Anoka Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids, MN. I earned my Associates in Arts degree there in 2007. I then immediately transfered to the University of Minnesota! The entire two years that I spent at Anoka Ramsey Community College I was researching schools to attend and majors to pursue for my bachelors degree. I was very interested in the University of Minnesota because it was close to my home in Blaine, but still far enough away to make new lifestyle changes and move into off campus apartments! And I was most definitely very interested in the major Family Social Science because I love helping people! The major seemed to offer such a wide range of interests and potential learning opportunities that it made me decided to apply to the University, the College of Education and Human Development and the Department of FSoS! Luckily, I got in and here I am today! A senior in FSoS, I am expecting to graduate in May 2009! I am currently in the middle of my third semester here at the University and am loving every minute of it. I am involved with the Family Social Science Round Table as the Vice President and would like to share that experience with you under that category of "Round Table" in this blog. I will be updating this blog weekly with new entries to share many experiences, volunteer opportunities and organizations, news within the FSoS department, and much more! Stay Tuned...

October 13, 2008

What is the Round Table?

The Family Social Science Round Table is an undergraduate student organization established to create a sense of identity within the Family Social Science Department, provide networking opportunities, promote healthy relationships, provide hands on experience in community service and involvement, and encourage socialization with peers and faculty. Each year this organization is led by FSoS juniors and seniors, but any students interested in FSoS are invited and encouraged to participate.

Fall 2008 meetings are held in McNeal Hall, room 146. Meeting are every other Tuesday at 4:20pm.

* October 14
* October 28
* November 11
* November 25
* December 9

Please join us to help plan social events, volunteer opportunities and talk about issues related to the Family Social Science major.

Questions or comments? Email

October 9, 2008

Alzhiemers Walk

The Family Social Science Round Table raised $500 for the Alzheimers Walk! This event was held on Saturday, September 27th in Highland Park. For every $100 raised our team earned a shirt (shown in the pictures below). It was great to see all of the people there to support research to help end Alzheimers Disease in our community.

Many people showing support for people with Alzheimers by walking 3 miles together!

Caitlin Ramsay, Jillian Moran, Marie Smith

Feed My Starving Children

The Round Table has done a few trips in the past year to Feed My Starving Children. This is a great volunteer opportunity for the individual, a few people, or a large group! You just have to sign up ahead of time if you are in a group of 10 or more. But if there are less than 10 people you are more than welcome to go on one of their "walk in" nights shown on their website.

FeedMyStarvingChildren.jpg Lauren Dussault, Jillian Moran

FeedMyStarvingChildren2.jpg Katie, Katie Lovitz, Dan Willams, Anne Johnson

FeedMyStarvingChildren3.jpg Laura Skubic, Emily Wang

FeedMyStarvingChildren4.jpg Steph Bonson, Jillian Moran