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November 21, 2008

We've adopted a family for the hoildays!

The Roundtable has adopted a family for the hoildays through an organization called Family and Children's Service! Our role in this is to purchase and wrap hoilday gifts for the family! Our family consists of a mother, and three young children! Family and Children's Service gave us a list of the names, ages, sexes, and their needs and wants during this cold season! So far all of the children have gotten clothing, and the mother has gotten a new silverware set! I am sure more gifts will be coming as we get closer, but this is just so exciting for me and all of us at the Roundtable! :) If you are interested in helping families out during these hard economic times, and holiday season, feel free to come to our next meeting (on 11/25 in McNeal 164 at 4:20pm) or contact this organization yourself! :)

November 18, 2008

My Last Semester!

Last week I registered for my last semester here at the U and it's weird that it's already here! My time has just flown by since I started college! I am in FSOS 4296 right now with Dr. Goodman. This class is required for all students who have done a field internship in the major. We only meet every other week but what we do it class is pretty cool. We make our own 'Senior Portfolio' with a bunch of things in it from our college career and whatever else we want to put in there. Mine has a few different categories: my resume, leadership, community involvement, education, internship, about Family Social Science and a writing sample. What I am trying to get at is by doing this project in Goodman's class it has made me even more excited and ready to graduate when May comes! With this portfolio, I can hopefully display myself in an unique way to employers to make them more interested in me and hire me! Other students made their portfolio's unique as well to show to graduate schools for admission. The entire project just feels like a big realization of what is ahead of me and all of us graduating soon...graduation and no more college! A lot of things will be changing and I am excited to start some new adventures soon! :)

November 11, 2008

People Serving People

People Serving People is a homeless shelter downtown Minneapolis. They offer many services and assistance and it's a great place to volunteer! The Family Social Science Round Table will be serving dinner here on November 26th, 4pm - 5:45pm. We have volunteered here two other time during last school year. This is a really fun opportunity because we get to see what it is like inside of a homeless shelter, and see how they function. On November 26th we will assist in making dinner, serving it to the residents of People Serving People and cleaning up after wards. If you are interested in the volunteer opportunity please email FSOSRT@umn.edu asap! Thanks :)

November 5, 2008

Presidential Elect 2008!

Last night, November 4th, 2008, was an amazing night for all! I hope everyone got a chance to get out and vote because we the people are what make the decisions in this country! No matter what party you were standing up for, what candidate you were voting for or what issues you care about the most, we all came together to let our voices be heard. Last night, Barack Obama made U.S. hisotry when he was elected as the 44th president of the U.S.! This will forever be in our History books and I am proud that I was able to participate in it! Both John McCain and Barack Obama made remarkable speeches after it was announced who won. This was very emotional for me because I am just so proud of what American is capable of and how well we come together in the end. Obama being the first African American President is a huge step towards equality in our country and I hope that everyone is appreciative of that. I got up at 6am to go to my voting station and wait in line for an hour to be one of the first people to vote! I loved doing this because seeing everyones excitement, energy and anxiousness made it a lot of fun and a great experience for all. I waited until 10pm to hear who had won! On NBC news they had announced it even before all of the states electoral votes were in and counted. This is because Obama reached the 270 votes needed to win early on, before even counting any of the West coast states! The ending electoral vote as of now (Missouri and North Carolina are still "too close to tell" and may need a re-count) are 349 for Obama and 163 for McCain. :)

November 1, 2008

Homecoming 2008!

Today is the U of MN's Homecoming! This one is unique because it is the last homecoming game that will be held at the Metrodome. Next Fall and on out the new stadium will be open on campus! Today many people gathered to watch the parade down University Avenue and tailgate at the Metrodome before the game at 11am. It's great to see everyone get together and celebrate the University with all the alumni, friends and family! All week the University has held activities to get people pumped up. Activities include flag football, blood drive, live concerts, free food, maroon and gold Friday and more! It was all a lot of fun. Also this week, Boynton Health Services hosted free flu shots for students, staff, and faculty to beat the Guinness World Record of the most flu shots in one day! We beat it too! Overall, homecoming has been very exciting and I am happy I been involved!