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Family Social Science Courses

I would like to talk a little about some of the FSoS classes that I have enjoyed the most at the U of MN! Throughout my career as an undergraduate here in FSoS I have taken almost all of the FSoS courses that are available to take! My favorite of them all would have to be Family Policy and Families and Aging! I liked Family Policy (FSoS 2103) because I gained so much knowledge from my professor about laws, policies, and many acts that are made for and against families in our country. I feel that this is very important to know about because when we are working with people that need some sort of assistance in the future, we will want to know what the law and government can also do to help out! Families and Aging (FSoS 4154W) has also been one of my favorites! I liked this class so much because it stuck out to me from the other classes because it was about one specific population- elders! Most of the other FSoS classes, in my experience, do not focus as much on a specific topic and/or population so it was nice to go into some depth with the topic of Families and Aging. The main thing I got out of this class was that the elders population is increasing daily because people are having less kids now days, people are living much longer than expected and than what they used to, therefore- we as helpers should be aware and knowledgeable about older people because it's very possible that we will be working with them! To see the list and description of all Family Social Science courses click here.