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6 more weeks!

There is only about 6 more weeks for me in my undergraduate career!! Then I graduate on May 14th!! This is HUGE deal for my family and I because I am actually the first person in my family to go to college. I have other cousins that have, but not my parents, or grandparents! My plans for after graduation are pretty well laid out right now! I got a summer job with AmeriCorp (domestic branch of the PeachCorp) working with K-3 in Minneapolis School District and helping children in Summer school with their reading skills! I am very excited for this opportunity with AmeriCorp! And after the position, they give me a $1,000 grant for my student loans so that is a great reward!! :) Then, my boyfriend of 4 years and I are actually moving out East! It will be either Rochester, NY or Philadelphia, PA! He is attending graduate school at one of those places to get hi Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering! So I have been looking at schools and jobs out there. I would love to getmy MSA (Master's in Social Work) but literally almost all of the programs require 1-2 years of work in the field before applying to graduate school! So, that is my plan! :)