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Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management - October 2009

CROW WING COUNTY 4-H Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Info
October 2009 - 10th Edition
Submitted by Joy Ruzich, SS/W Volunteer

This year's 4-H State Shooting Sports/Wildlife Invitational was held in East Bethel. Competition was tough with 800 youth participating from all over Minnesota.

  • Crow Wing County had 14 youth participate in the event: Kaelyn Spencer - archery & skillathon; Dalton Schreier - archery; Sam Guida - archery, skillathon & trap; David Schroeder - archery & air pistol; Abbie Burley - air pistol; Laura Halvorson - archery; Hanna Ruzich - archery, skillathon & trap; Marissa Spencer- skillathon & trap; Chad Lease -trap; Jenna Ruzich - .22, air rifle, skillathon & trap; Alyssa Burley - archery; Sierra Edwards - archery; Sheridan Wilson - BB gun; Joe Beltran - archery.

  • The Conservation Exhibit for the State Shoot was presented by Sam, Dalton and David. It was on the Bog Walk that took place at Guida's. Thanks guys for volunteering to be presenters and thank you Guida's for hosting the bog walk.

  • We had one winner this year: Jenna Ruzich in the senior division of the Skillathon receiving a 10th place certificate; proving that it does help to be a knowledgeable shooter. Way to go Jenna!

  • Thank you to all the volunteer instructors in the Shooting Sports/Wildlife program: John Guida, Kim Spencer, Clarence Spencer, Roger Schroeder, Lindsey Raddatz, Frank Ruzich, and Bernhard Warling
    Things are looking good for next year as we have secured some money through fundraisers and donations in the month of August. If you helped in anyway...baked bars to organizing an event ....Thank you so much !!!!

    It is time to enroll for your club and projects. This year when signing up for the Shooting Sports/Wildlife project; remember to check which disciplines you are interested in. Choices are air pistol, air rifle, archery, shotgun, BB gun and .22. Enrollment Forms are due into the Crow Wing County Office by November 15.


  • A club made up of youth and adult volunteers who have signed up for the Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project on their enrollment forms

  • A new and growing club of girls and boys

  • Meetings are for youth and ran by youth

  • Meetings are held 6 times per year, bi-monthly, on even numbered months on the third Monday. This year's tentative dates are Oct. 19; Dec. 21; Feb. 15; April 19; June 21; Aug. 16. The club normally meets from 6:30-8:30 at Gander Mountain.

  • Wildlife activities/presentations at each meeting (meets ½ hour of State Shoot requirements)

  • If you are interested in being a member of the Hot Shots Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Club write it in on your Enrollment Form, next to your primary club. You can be a member of more than one club.

  • Election of officers will take place at the next meeting October 19, 6:30-8:30 at Gander Mountain.

  • A nomination committee will be calling active members to ask if you would like to be placed on a ballot for election. If you do not get a call, but would like to run for an office, please contact Nancy Schroeder at 218-568-6676 nwclw@tds.net or Jenna Ruzich at 218-829-7202 ruzich@brainerd.net

  • The club will also be celebrating our 1 year anniversary!!!!! Cake and refreshments will be served along with a Silent Auction (with all proceeds from the event to go in the clubs treasury)

  • New or like new items with a value of $20.00 or less can be donated for the Silent Auction. Please tag item with a minimum bid and arrange drop off location with Joy Ruzich 218-829-7207 ruzich@brainerd.net or Marissa Spencer 218-316-4187 ckmkspencer@yahoo.com

  • Club charters are due November 1. Please bring treasure's yearly report and secretary minutes from the past year to the next meeting.

  • Over the past several years the SS/W PDC has paid for and supplied t-shirts to all youth and instructors participating in the State Shoot. This year a request was made for all past shooters to return shirts if they were no longer using them. This has helped the PDC immensely by saving approx. $150 in new shirts. The PDC will determine how they would like to proceed with State Shoot shirts in the coming years.

  • Thank you to all who returned shirts for the new shooters to wear at this years MN State Shoot!!

  • Instructors - please return all fair ground keys and Instructor Manuals to Joy by the end of Oct.