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Support Our Troops

When the Black Bear 4-H Club says we support our troops we really mean "our" troop!
Joyce Payonk graduated from the Black Bear 4-H club in 2008 and joined the Army Reserves soon after.

Joyce will be deployed to Iraq soon and the club invited her to give a program at our November meeting. She showed and explained each piece of her uniform and other gear she will need then gave us the order to perform exercises along with her and lead us in a drill (she said we did pretty good!). Our Shooting Sports members wished she could have brought the guns she uses!

At our December meeting the club voted to add supporting our troops to our other community service learning projects for the 2009-2010 year. In January a committee will be formed to plan types of activities we'd like to pursue.

Other club families have members that are, or were, deployed and this will be a good way for us to learn more about their service while we provide support.


Joyce-Molly models Joyce's helmet and vest

Joce (2).JPG

Joyce explains pieces of her uniform and equipment

Joce 4 .JPG

The Black Bear Club and "their" troop, Joyce, show their support for our country and 4-H!