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Project Day 2010! Just around the corner....

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County Project Days provide an opportunity for youth to try new projects or learn more about a project they are currently enrolled in. These hands-on, experiential workshops are open to all 4-H members and non-4-H friends.

LOCATION: CWC Land Services Building
DATE: January 16, 2010
TIME: 9:15 am - 2:30 pm
COST: $3.00 per youth, $10.00 maximum per family (This fee helps cover material costs & lunch)

Class Selection Procedure

Please note! If you are a Cloverbud (grades K-2) you can only take Cloverbud classes.

You will only have time to participate in one class per session. All morning classes are 75 minutes and the afternoon classes are 60 minutes. Class sizes are limited and your place is reserved on a first-come first-reserved basis. Because of this, you need to choose more than 1 class per session and rank your choices. Put a "1" in the space next to your first choice, a "2" next to your second choice.

Please fill out the information below and return to
CWC Extension, 322 Laurel St Suite 22, Brainerd MN 56401
Or email
rohrx022@umn.edu by January 13, 2010.

Payable at the door, or you can mail in a check payable to CWC 4-H.

Call 824-1065 if you have any questions.


Name: _______________________________________ Grade: _______

Are you a 4-H Member? Yes No (If you answered "no", please fill out the information below)

Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Session I
____ Cloverbud Puppets
____ Fishing
____ Card Making

Session 2
____ Outside Cloverbud Activities
____ Project Bowl
____ Duct Tape Fashion Design


Session 3
____ Cloverbud--Rockets & Airplanes
____ Demonstration Tips & Helps
____ GPS/Geocaching

Session 4
____ Cloverbud-Making Butter & Cream
____ Archery
____ Making Butter & Ice Cream

Session Descriptions >

Morning Sessions
9:30am -- 10:45
Join a Professional Bass Fisherman to learn many tips to help you fishing. Grades 3+

Cloverbud Puppets:
Create a family of puppets out of a variety of materials. Name your puppets and share their personality. Grades K-3

Card Making ( An Attitude of Gratitude)
An opportunity to make thank you cards to have on hand when those 4-H thank you's are needed. Grades 3+

10:45 --12:00
Project Bowl
Find out what project bowl and how it works for Rabbits, Dairy, or Poultry? Dog, Horse, & General Livestock teams will show you how it done. Grades 3+

Cloverbud Outdoor Activities:
You will have fun outdoors sledding and playing games. Bring your sleds, saucers, and dress for being outside. Grades K-3

Duct Tape Fashion Design
Have fun designing, making, and modeling an outfit out of Duct Tape and newspaper. Grades 3+

Afternoon Sessions
12:30 - 1:30
What's the difference between a demonstration and a project talk? Learn what judges are looking for at county and state fair when demonstrating from Ambassador Sarah Fairbanks. Grades 3+

GPS/Geocaching: Go on a scavenger hunt using GPS units to find the hidden geocaches. Session will be outdoors. Grades 4+

Cloverbud Rockets & Airplanes: Make different types of rockets and airplanes to see which fly farther or better and why. Ambassadors Justin and Jonathan Warling will share the fun basics of the Aerospace project. Grades K-3

1:30 -- 2:30
Butter & Ice Cream Making:
Dairy Ambassadors Austin Moe Inga Wicklund will help you shake it up to make butter & ice cream from dairy products. Grades 3+

Cloverbud Butter & Ice Cream Making: Make butter & ice cream during this session. This Cloverbud session will be combined with the older group of 4-H members. Grades K-3

Car pool to the Brainerd Archery League's facility in the Baxter Industrial Park to join archery instructors to learn or improve your skills with bow and arrow. Do not have to be enrolled in Shooting Sports to take this session. Grades 3+

Schedule 9:30am -- 10:45 Fishing 3+ Cloverbud Puppets K-3 Card Making (An Attitude of Gratitude) 3+ 10:45 --12:00 Outdoor Cloverbud Activities K-3 Project Bowl 3+ Duct Tape Fashion Design 3+ 12pm --12:30pm LUNCH BREAK 12:30 - 1:30 Cloverbud -Rockets & Airplanes K-3 Demonstration Tips & Helps 3+ GPS/ Geocaching 4+ 1:30 -- 2:30 Butter & Ice Cream Making K+ Archery at Brainerd Archery League facility 4+