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February 24, 2010

Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management - February 2010

CROW WING COUNTY 4-H Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Info
February 2010 11th Edition

Hot Shot Shooting Sports/Wildlife (SS/W) Project Club will meet at Gander Mountain February 15 from 6:30-8:00. Each meeting has ½ hour of wildlife training that can be used for State qualifications. All project members are welcome to come.

Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Development Committee (PDC) will meet at Gander Mountain March 29 from 6:30-8:30.This is for all project members. Be part of conversations that deal with project training, practices, wildlife, fundraising, etc and how the Minnesota State Shoot operates.

Shooting Sports & Wildlife Leader Certification
In order to run a county or multi-county Shooting Sports & Wildlife program, instructors must be certified by MN 4-H Youth Development. The Shooting Sports & Wildlife Leaders Training is a weekend training designed to cover the needed knowledge and rules to become a Certified 4-H County Instructor.
The following trainings are being offered this year:
• March 27-28, 2010 - Fergus, Falls (West Otter Tail County)
• April 10-11, 2010 - Scott County SCALE Facility (Jordan, MN)
All information and registration materials can be found at: http://www1.extension.umn.edu/youth/mn4-H/events/shooting-sports-certification.html.

(qualifies for State Shoot wildlife hours)
Wednesday, Feb. 24, 7 PM at the Northland Arboretum in Brainerd. "Frogs and Toads of Minnesota: the DNR's Anuran Monitoring Program" presented by Krista Larson, DNR Nongame Research Biologist. This program is sponsored by the Brainerd lakes Area Audubon Society. The program is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be available. For more information contact Pam Perry at pkperry@brainerd.net

We have scheduled archery practice sessions for:
February 28th, March 7th and March 21st at the Trailside Park Baptist Church in Pequot Lakes, practice will be from 1:30-3:30

This is a great opportunity to start getting in your practice time, both for you and also for hours to go to the state shoot. If you have any questions or need directions feel free to call or email us. mnext-crowwing@umn.edu attn: Roger and Nancy Schroeder

Minnesota State 4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Invitational
4-H youth in grades 3 - one year past high school who have completed 15 hours of shooting with a certified instructor and eight hours of wildlife education may participate in the following areas: Archery, Muzzleloading, Shotgun, Air Rifle, Air Pistol, .22 Rifle, Silhouette Fun Shoot and a Skill-a-thon. More Info
• September 10 - 12, 2010 - Location TBD
• July 26, 2010 - Registrations are due to county offices

February 18, 2010

Black Bear Club February Meeting Notes

Submitted by Cindy Terwilliger

Electricity Project Exploration

Black Bear club members and parents learned about electricity at their February meeting. John Terwilliger, former Electronics Technology Instructor at Wadena Technical College, told about permanent and removable connections and ways to connect wires using wire nuts, slip on connectors, screws, crimping, soldering, and twisting.

There were a variety of electrical wires to practice with and all got to try striping insulation off wires and making a connection using a different method.

Safety procedures were gone over. Those that tried soldering wore safety glasses and were warned that solder guns get HOT....even hotter than hot glue guns!!

At the end of the exploration session some members thought they might like to try this as a project in the future.

002.JPG Electricity3.JPG Electricity5.JPG

Eagles club meeting notes from Feb. 14

Submitted by Rylie and Susan Young

Eagles 4-H club met on Sunday, February 14th at the Trailside center in Pequot. We discussed our Herbergers fundraiser for this year.

Plans were made for each club member and an adult of their choice to attend the community theater play "Peter Pan" at the Pequot Lakes High School in March.

We also decided to participate at the Festival of the Arts at the Pequot School and set up a booth to promote 4-H.

At the end of March or begining of April we plan to have a neighborhood easter egg hunt and invite the children who live in the member's neighborhood.

Share-the-fun was discussed and there were many ideas to look into. Decisions and plans will be made soon and practice will start in the next few weeks.

Members decorated Valentine's Day cupcakes, these were given to members families to take home.

February 9, 2010

Daggett Brook Club Report - Feb. 7, 2010

Submitted by Anthony Hettver
Daggett Brook 4-H Club Reporter

The Daggett Brook 4-H Club held their monthly meeting on February 7, 2010, at the St. Mathias Pavilion. The club held their regular monthly meeting and also had a project day. A potluck lunch was served also. The club made squirrel feeders made out of wood and an applesauce jar. We also made tie dye and there was also project areas in beef and photography.

Arica and Jenna C. did a demonstration on tissue Valentine flowers. Chad L. gave a demonstration on how to make a squirrel feeder.

Fruit sales order forms were handed out to the members and due back by March 5th. Renovating the Town Hall was discussed and will be discussed more at the next meeting. Beef ID's are due by February 15th.

The next meeting will held on March 8th at 7:00p.m. at the Daggett Brook Town Hall.

February 3, 2010

Mississippi Movers Tour of Northwest Pizza

Submitted by Ann Warling

The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club toured Northwest Pizza. Owner Tom Perttula explained many aspects of the business, allowed the kids a first-hand look into the kitchen, and explained the different ingredients used.

While half of the club explored with Tom. 4-H Leader Jodi Carley presented information regarding Consumer Education. The information shared and discussion with members was valuable. This tour was planned as preparation for our February 6 Food Project meeting.

Consumer Ed.jpg

4-H Leader Jodi Carley leads a Consumer Education discussion.

In Kitchen.jpg

Tom Perttula leads half of the Mississippi Movers 4-H Club through a tour of the Northwest Pizza kitchen.


Tom Perttula shows Mississippi Movers 4-Hers a first-hand look and explanation of the ingredients used at the restaurant.


Mississippi Movers 4-Hers who enjoyed the tour of Northwest Pizza on February 2.(l-r back): Gunnar Niemeyer, Jared Warling, Justin Warling, Chandler Niemeyer
(l-r middle): Ben Toriseva, Kate Toriseva, Josh Wasniewski, Jonathan Warling, Jorgen Berkjness
(l-r front): Andrew Wasniewski, Tom Perttula, Gina Wasniewski

Mississippi Movers Club Report - December 2009

Submitted by Club Reporter, Jared Warling

The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club's first official meeting was on Sunday Dec. 6. Members in attendance leaned about parliamentary procedures. Jared Warling gave a demonstration on how to demonstrate and every member joined in by giving a demonstration on an item they drew out of a bag. Treats were brought by everyone and were enjoyed while making a Christmas ball ornament out of recycled Christmas Cards.

Dec kids 2s.jpg

Mississippi Movers 4-H Club's Charter Members:(l-r back row): Jonathan Warling, Andrew Wasniewski, Jake Carley, Wesley Carley, Lydia Larson
(l-r front row): Jared Warling, Madi Carley, Jorgen Berjkness, Josh Wasniewski, Justin Warling
Not pictured: Gunnar Niemeyer, Chandler Niemeyer, Gina Wasniewski, Jason Andrew

Dec meet all 2s.jpg

Mississippi Movers 4-H Club's Charter Member Families:
(l-r back row): Bernhard Warling, Marc Carley, Jodi Carley
(l-r moving forward): Jonathan Warling, Kellie Larson, Ann Warling, Jake Carley, Lydia Larson
(l-r moving forward): Madi Carley, Andrew Wasniewski, Theri Wasniewski, Wesley Carley,
(l-r front row): Jared Warling, Jorgen Berjkness, Josh Wasniewski, Justin Warling

Not pictured: Gunnar Niemeyer, Chandler Niemeyer, Corby & Shelia Niemeyer, Lance Wasniewski, Eide & Lee Andrew, Dawn & Dale Berjkness, Gina Wasniewski, Jason Andrew

Mississippi Movers Club Report - January 2010

Submitted by Club Reporter, Jared Warling

The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club met at the Brainerd High School hill for sledding fun on Sunday the 10th of January. Members gathered at the Larson's house for snacks and the 4-H meeting. The club decided to clean a stretch of the Mississippi River as a Community Pride Project. A committee was formed to begin work on a Share- the- Fun idea. Madi Carley gave a demonstration on how to crotchet. The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club welcomed 3 guests, Jeann Rohr, Kent Toriseva,and Ben Toriseva.

boys at top of hill.jpg

1-2-3 GO~ Watch out here we come!!!!
(l-r) Jonathan Warling, Justin Warling, Jorgen Berjkness, Gunnar Niemeyer

madi jake.jpg

Are you ready? Here you go...just a little push from your sister.
(f-b) Jake Carley (in sled) and Madi Carley (pushing)


It's okay - really - we will give you just a "little" push......
(f-b) Shelia Niemeyer (in sled), Jonathan Warling (pushing), Justin Warling (pushing Jonathan)

Madi crotcheting.jpg

Madi Carley giving a demonstration on "How to Crotchet"

Mississippi Movers Cub Foods Tour

Submitted by Ann Warling

Mississippi Movers 4-H Club toured Cub Foods on January 26 as part of their preparation for a food project day on February 6.

Everyone really enjoyed the experience. The kids were so engaged that even our youngest member, Sprout Wesley Carley asked questions.

Cub Food 2s.jpg

(l-r back row): Cub Food Manager Dan, Bernhard Warling, Ann Warling, Connie Toriseva
(l-r next row forward): Lance Wasniewski, Theri Wasniewski, Shelia Niemeyer, Madi Carley, Jodi Carley, Annie Toriseva, Kate Toriseva
(l-r next row forward): Andrew Wasniewski, Gunnar Niemeyer, Jared Warling, Ben Toriseva, Jake Carley, Wesley Carley
(l-r front row): Gina Wasniewski, Chandler Niemeyer

February 1, 2010

4-H Federation Meeting Notes - Jan 25

The CWC 4-H Federation met on January 25th in the Land Services Building. Adult Treasurer Kathy Segler reported that the audit it taking place and a meeting is planned with the auditor to review the suggestions the first week of February.

In the PC report Jeanne talked about the Technology Committee still needing youth, Camp Counselor Applications are on the Extension website & the blogsite, a new gardening project club is forming & will have space at the fairgrounds for gardens, Share-the-Fun will be at St Francis of the Lakes School on April 18.

Jessica Gravdahl, the Alliance With Youth Promise Fellow, reported that she will be starting in with students on February 8th. She is also looking for 4-H members for a possible service learning club.

We ordered 500 platbooks from Lakes Printing and they should be delivered the first week in February. The changes purposed for the By-Laws and Constitution were approved.

We are looking for a new Youth President for the Federation. If you know someone willing to serve, contact Jeanne. The materials for fruit sales was passed out to the clubs present. It was approved that we also sell meat from Swicky Meats along with the fruit. A short discussion of changes for the fair premium book was held. A committee is forming to working on the changes - please contact Jeanne if you're interested in working on this committee.

Many of the PDC's are having fundraisers. The Performing Arts PDC is planning an Arts-In day camp in July. The Cloverbud PDC would like a Cloverbud Day Camp in June put on by older 4-H members.