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Black Bear Club February Meeting Notes

Submitted by Cindy Terwilliger

Electricity Project Exploration

Black Bear club members and parents learned about electricity at their February meeting. John Terwilliger, former Electronics Technology Instructor at Wadena Technical College, told about permanent and removable connections and ways to connect wires using wire nuts, slip on connectors, screws, crimping, soldering, and twisting.

There were a variety of electrical wires to practice with and all got to try striping insulation off wires and making a connection using a different method.

Safety procedures were gone over. Those that tried soldering wore safety glasses and were warned that solder guns get HOT....even hotter than hot glue guns!!

At the end of the exploration session some members thought they might like to try this as a project in the future.

002.JPG Electricity3.JPG Electricity5.JPG