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Mississippi Movers Cub Foods Tour

Submitted by Ann Warling

Mississippi Movers 4-H Club toured Cub Foods on January 26 as part of their preparation for a food project day on February 6.

Everyone really enjoyed the experience. The kids were so engaged that even our youngest member, Sprout Wesley Carley asked questions.

Cub Food 2s.jpg

(l-r back row): Cub Food Manager Dan, Bernhard Warling, Ann Warling, Connie Toriseva
(l-r next row forward): Lance Wasniewski, Theri Wasniewski, Shelia Niemeyer, Madi Carley, Jodi Carley, Annie Toriseva, Kate Toriseva
(l-r next row forward): Andrew Wasniewski, Gunnar Niemeyer, Jared Warling, Ben Toriseva, Jake Carley, Wesley Carley
(l-r front row): Gina Wasniewski, Chandler Niemeyer