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Mississippi Movers Tour of Northwest Pizza

Submitted by Ann Warling

The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club toured Northwest Pizza. Owner Tom Perttula explained many aspects of the business, allowed the kids a first-hand look into the kitchen, and explained the different ingredients used.

While half of the club explored with Tom. 4-H Leader Jodi Carley presented information regarding Consumer Education. The information shared and discussion with members was valuable. This tour was planned as preparation for our February 6 Food Project meeting.

Consumer Ed.jpg

4-H Leader Jodi Carley leads a Consumer Education discussion.

In Kitchen.jpg

Tom Perttula leads half of the Mississippi Movers 4-H Club through a tour of the Northwest Pizza kitchen.


Tom Perttula shows Mississippi Movers 4-Hers a first-hand look and explanation of the ingredients used at the restaurant.


Mississippi Movers 4-Hers who enjoyed the tour of Northwest Pizza on February 2.(l-r back): Gunnar Niemeyer, Jared Warling, Justin Warling, Chandler Niemeyer
(l-r middle): Ben Toriseva, Kate Toriseva, Josh Wasniewski, Jonathan Warling, Jorgen Berkjness
(l-r front): Andrew Wasniewski, Tom Perttula, Gina Wasniewski