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Mississippi Movers Club Report - January 2010

Submitted by Club Reporter, Jared Warling

The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club met at the Brainerd High School hill for sledding fun on Sunday the 10th of January. Members gathered at the Larson's house for snacks and the 4-H meeting. The club decided to clean a stretch of the Mississippi River as a Community Pride Project. A committee was formed to begin work on a Share- the- Fun idea. Madi Carley gave a demonstration on how to crotchet. The Mississippi Movers 4-H Club welcomed 3 guests, Jeann Rohr, Kent Toriseva,and Ben Toriseva.

boys at top of hill.jpg

1-2-3 GO~ Watch out here we come!!!!
(l-r) Jonathan Warling, Justin Warling, Jorgen Berjkness, Gunnar Niemeyer

madi jake.jpg

Are you ready? Here you go...just a little push from your sister.
(f-b) Jake Carley (in sled) and Madi Carley (pushing)


It's okay - really - we will give you just a "little" push......
(f-b) Shelia Niemeyer (in sled), Jonathan Warling (pushing), Justin Warling (pushing Jonathan)

Madi crotcheting.jpg

Madi Carley giving a demonstration on "How to Crotchet"