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March 25, 2010

Pequot Lakes Eagles Report, March 11th

Submitted by Susan Young

The Pequot Lakes Eagles 4-H club met on March 11th at the trailside center.

Old business included continued discussion of practice days for share the fun and the dance 4 of the members will perform at the Pequot Lakes Festival of the arts on April 8th. A report on our field trip to the show "Peter Pan" was given.The members decided they really liked the show and the scenery. We discussed the sucess with the county fruit fundraiser, the Eagles club sold $2,707.00 of fruit. Dads, Mark and Ted, will pick up the fruit on March 27th.

New business was discussed, Northland Arboretum event "Raptors on Minnesota" for possible field trip. Members were updated on the county rummage sale. The Eagles club also would like to continue with field trips and will try to find opportunities for field trips in each member's project areas.

Practice times and dates were set up for Share the fun, club will purchase snacks to bring to the event. The Eagles Club will enter 4 different acts, 2 members will do individual solos and the club together will perform a skit and a dance.

After the meeting, the club began practice for the dance for Festival of the Arts and Share the Fun. Snacks were after practice.

March 23, 2010

Federation Policy Changes - March 22, 2010


The first reading of the proposed Federation policy changes was held at the March 23, 2010 Federation meeting. They will be read again at the May24 Federation meeting and either accepted or not. Please look at them and talk about the changes at your club meetings.

March 22, 2010

Black Bear 4-H club March meeting minutes.

By Reporter Dalton Schreier and Cindy Terwilliger

The meeting was held March 16th at the Nisswa Community Center starting at 6:30.

Sarah gave birthday cards to those who have March birthdays. She gave the theme on Antique Flowers. We welcomed new members Carly, Tori and Jane.
Dalton gave the bear report. We donated $100.00 to the North American Bear Center for research on a bear named Lily and her cub.

Salute the Troops Service Learning Report
Caleb told about and modeled his fathers uniform while Sylvie explained parts of the uniform.

Cloverbud Corner teachers were Lynn and Sarah. We sold $1,495.00 worth of fruit. Cindy told about YPQA training she and Sarah went to. Abby reported on the rabbit show. Sylvie and Caleb told about our Salute the Troops service learning project and Danielle told about the geography of Iraq. We set up a committee to plan and conduct Operation Military Kids April 17th.

A committee was formed to plan this summer's projects at the Heritage Garden.
We voted to give no more than $30.00 to the Grow Green prize. A leadership team was formed for the YPQA project. Rhonda, Katrina and Amber will prepare the April Program focusing on Family and Consumer Science Projects.

Next month will be our first record check up.

Lexi gave a project talk about Jazz band and played tunes on her sax.
Josh showed his drawings of comic book heros.
Abby, Dalton and Cindy had two activities ready to learn about gardening. One was called Secret Smells and the other Gas Gobblers.

021-v.JPG 019.JPG
Learning how animals and plants depend on each other by playing the Gas Gobblers game.

Preparing the Secret Smells activity. Youth learned how insects use smell to find their own kind or enemies. FUN !!! (unless you have a head cold!!)

Adkins' and Palmer's had snacks.

March 16, 2010

Rabbit Fun Show 2010!

Photos from the Rabbit Fun Show on March 13 at Deerwood. The day included educational sessions, tattooing was available, a rabbit costume contest, and the rabbit show. Crow Wing County's own Katie Fillbrandt received 'Best in Show Award'. (More details to come!)

4-hrabbit show 2010 001.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 002.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 003.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 004.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 006.JPG4-hrabbit show 2010 008.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 011.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 012.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 019.JPG 4-hrabbit show 2010 020.JPG

V4-hrabbit show 2010 007.JPG V4-hrabbit show 2010 014.JPG

March 11, 2010

4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management News

CROW WING COUNTY 4-H Shooting SportsWildlife Project Info March 2010 12th Edition Download Newsletter or read on...

NOTE DATE CHANGE....Shooting SportsWildlife Project Development Committee (PDC) will meet at Gander Mountain March 29 from 630-830.This is for all project members. Be part of conversations that deal with project training, practices, wildlife, fundraising, etc and how the Minnesota State Shoot operates.

Hot Shot Shooting SportsWildlife (SSW) Project Club will meet at Gander Mountain April 19 from 630-800. Each meeting has ½ hour of wildlife training that can be used for State qualifications. All project members are welcome to come.

Shooting Sports & Wildlife Leader CertificationIn order to run a county or multi-county Shooting Sports & Wildlife program, instructors must be certified by MN 4-H Youth Development. The Shooting Sports & Wildlife Leaders Training is a weekend training designed to cover the needed knowledge and rules to become a Certified 4-H County Instructor.

The following trainings are being offered this year
• March 27-28, 2010 - Fergus, Falls (West Otter Tail County)
• April 10-11, 2010 - Scott County SCALE Facility (Jordan, MN)
All information and registration materials can be found at httpwww1.extension.umn.eduyouthmn4-Heventsshooting-sports-certification.html.

WILDLIFE OPPORTUNITIES (qualifies for State Shoot wildlife hours)

Woodworking for Wildlife Homes for Birds and Animals
Presented by Carrol Henderson, DNR Nongame Wildlife Program Supervisor

Thursday, March 11, 700 PM, Northland Arboretum Visitor Center, Upstairs Meeting Room. This program is free and open to the public

Sponsored by the Bee Nay She Council Bird Club and the Northland Arboretum
Refreshments will be provided. For more information about this program contact Jo Blanich at blanich@embarqmail.com or Northland Arboretum at arboretum@brainerd.net or 218-829-8770. Carrol's book will be available to purchase at the Arboretum.

Carrol Henderson is the author of 8 books and this program will feature his new revision of the DNR's best-selling book "Woodworking for Wildlife". Nest box designs have been provided by wildlife biologists who are recognized as experts for each species covered in the book. Many of these designs can be made from a single board and can be constructed within one hour. This book also contains natural history information, photos, and other valuable information on how to attract species such as wood ducks, bluebirds, barred owls, mourning doves and many more. Come to this presentation and learn more about wildlife and how to provide them with nesting places. Several of the birdhouses in his book will be on display at Northland Arboretum for you to see.

Turkey Hunting Day at Gander Mountain March 13
100 Basic Turkey Calling
300 gearing up for Turkeys

Family Education Day at Northland Arboretum
Saturday, March 27th from 1030 to noon. The Raptor Center will bring an eagle, falcon, hawk and owl for all to see - questions will be answered after demonstration.

Wild and Free is scheduled to have a release at noon

Cost $10 per family for Arboretum Members
$20 per family for non- members
No registration necessary but available- doors open at 945 for seating
Call Peg at the Arboretum (218-829-8770) for more information or to register


We have will have another archery practice sessions March 21st at the Trailside Park Baptist Church in Pequot Lakes, practice will be from 130-330

This is a great opportunity to start getting in your practice time, both for you and also for hours to go to the state shoot. If you have any questions or need directions feel free to call or email us.

Roger and Nancy Schroeder
Contact the Extension office: 824-1065 or email: mnext-crowwing@umn.edu

Minnesota State 4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Invitational
4-H youth in grades 3 - one year past high school who have completed 15 hours of shooting with a certified instructor and eight hours of wildlife education may participate in the following areas Archery, Muzzleloading, Shotgun, Air Rifle, Air Pistol, .22 Rifle, Silhouette Fun Shoot and a Skill-a-thon. More Info
• July 26, 2010 - Registrations are due to county offices
• September 10 - 12, 2010 - Beaverbrook Sportsman's Club, Anoka County

March 10, 2010

4-H Great Green Gardeners first meeting, March 2010

Our new 4-H gardening project club is born!

We had 11 youth and volunteers attend our very first meeting. It was decided to keep the name "Great Green Gardeners." Everyone is enthusiastic about putting our gardens together. We talked about square foot gardening and received a square foot grid to help us learn how to plan for planting.

We made our own newspaper pots and used then to plant tomato, green pepper, baby watermelon and bush bean seeds. We will document their growth in our notebooks.

Before our next meeting in April, we have plenty of tasks to complete so we are ready to finalize the plans for our square foot, raised bed and container gardens. Members will add to this blog along the way.

See pictures of our first meeting on our blog.

March 9, 2010

Regional Project Bowl - Foley 2010

Regional Project Bowl in Foley on March 6


Jr General Livestock team - CWC


Morrison/CWC Jr General Livestock team - 1st place at Regional Project Bowl, Saturday March 6 Foley advances to state Project bowl April 17th at Foley


Jr dog team - at Foley Regional Project bowl contest March 6


Sr Dog Team - 1st place at Regional Project Bowl in Foley on March 6th

They will advance to state project bowl in Foley on April 17th
Sr Dog Team - 1st place at Regional Project Bowl in Foley on March 6th

They will advance to state project bowl in Foley on April 17th


CWC Sr Dairy team at Regional Project bowl March 6th in Foley

Daggett Brook Club Report - March 2010

Reported by Anthony Hettver, Reporter

The Daggett Brook 4-H Club met March 8th, 2010 at the Daggett Brook Town Hall.

Chelsea E gave a demonstration on how to clip rabbits nails. Veronica Nelson gave a demonstration on how to dock a lamb's tail. The Cloverbuds made straw rockets and demonstrated them to the club.

Renovating the present Town Hall was discussed again and the leaders will talk to the local townboard at their annual meeting. It was moved that the club send in the application for the Garrison Super Valu Brat Sale Fundraiser. Fruit sales order were all turned in and the delivery date is March 27th.

Upcoming meetings were announced: March 20th is the Poultry workshop, March 13th is the Rabbit Fun show, March 11th is the Livestock PDC meeting.

The next meeting will be April 12th at the Daggett Brook Town Hall.

March 5, 2010

4-H MAVA Kids Path Crosslake Train Museum Tour

M4-HAVA Kids Path toured the Crosslake Train Museum on Saturday, Feb 20. There are two large areas with model trains; one depicting the logging and mining industry in the Brainerd Lakes Area from 1905-1915 and the other with a huge Lionel train layout. This museum would be a great project meeting for members in the Forestry. Crafts, or Self Determined projects. To set up a tour call 218-692-1900 (week-ends are usually best to reach them).

DSCN3862.jpg DSCN3863.jpg DSCN3864.jpg DSCN3865.jpg DSCN3866.jpg DSCN3867.jpg DSCN3868.jpg DSCN3869.jpg DSCN3870.jpg DSCN3871.jpg DSCN3872.jpg DSCN3873.jpg DSCN3875.jpg DSCN3876.jpg DSCN3877.jpg DSCN3878.jpg DSCN3880.jpg DSCN3881.jpg DSCN3882.jpg DSCN3883.jpg DSCN3886.jpg DSCN3894.jpg DSCN3896.jpg

Youth Quality Program Assessment Training-February 2010

Youth Quality Program Assessment training held Feb. 26th and 27th.

Jeanne Rohr, Heidi Haugen, Sarah Fairbanks, Jenna Ruzich, Tyler Blazek and Cindy Terwilliger attended this training. Donna and Cheyenne Wilson attended the same training held in Fargo.



Mississippi Movers Valentine's Day Meeting

Submitted by the February Reporter: Gunnar Niemeyer (10)

In February the Mississippi Movers hosted a Valentines Dinner at the Warling home. All of the kids, with some help by the adults helped make several homemade pasta dishes and it was very complimentary. During dinner many members gave various project talks and kids did many funny skits. We even learned how to make our own laundry soap. After dinner everybody gathered for the meeting called together by President, Madi Carly.

March 1, 2010

Cool Chemistry 2010 for girls!

Cool Chemistry 2010 is a day for girls in grades 7-8 to explore the wonders of chemistry with women in the graduate program in the University of Minnesota's Department of Chemistry.

Date: April 17, 2010 10am-2:30pm

For more info: http://www.chem.umn.edu/wise/CoolChem/coolchem07.html